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Zepha Skin V2 [Rainmeter]

I've taken a bit of time to clean up a few of the graphics and layout from V1 and also added support for loading each panel separately as an alternative to the Full or Mini versions of the whole bar.

If your using the Full, Drives2, Drives6, Search or Mini skins then make sure you set up the Variables in the .ini files correctly. Full and CPU skins both require CoreTemp to be installed to function correctly.

Be glad to hear any feedback, or any pointers on my code as I'm just getting into the swing of things.

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You should make a GPU bar as well. Nice work I love it.

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how can i change to 4 drives skin? here it's only 2 or 6 drives...

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I have CoreTemp installed, but the temperature is still showing up as 0 degrees.
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Nevermind, it wasn't running.
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Lindo, adorei ^^
I've been using this skin for a long time and I'm totally addicted to it. For now I'm using a 4 core cpu, but I'm wondering: When I switch to an 8 core cpu, will it show all cores? If not, is it an edit I can easily do myself or would that need to be done by the person who made this? I'll be upgrading around x-mas 2016, so I'm trying to prepare things in advance. Any helpful responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :) 
Sorry for the noob question, also new to rainmeter.
Please, how do I load the skin into rain meter?
I tried CoreTemp_1rmskin, by double clicking it. Just worked.
With Zepha skin v2 I don't see a.rmskin file.
I have opened rainmeter Manage and see the create .rmskin package but I cant succeed.
If there is a tutorial for this operation? If so please direct me.
I was a big fan of core temp gadget in win7 and now have a win10 laptop. 
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Exactly what I was looking for thanks ! :D
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The design look really nice and cool. I really like the simple design (minimalist) yet catchy design.
Don't mind if I us it on my desktop. Thanks!
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Very clean and nice.
network speed meter is not showing actual speed, could you make CPU temperature work with "SpeedFan"? also add swap memory beside RAM... thanks for this beautiful rainmeter skin :-) :-D
Noticed mine didn't match my usage either so i edited the .ini
Changed my update divider as shown below. don't know if this would be a fix for everyone or if it just now somehow matches my setup.
but anyways if 13 won't work for you i'd recommend changing the number as you do a speed test do match it. as best you can.




hope this helps.
Beautiful skin! Here's my tweaked version of it with an application dock that I wrote up real quick. Only mod I did to the skin was changing the Wikipedia search bar to a search bar that I can use to easily search all the files on my computer.…
anyone figured out how to edit so that the drives show the status of a removable drive... ie when i plug in my thumb drive it shows the used/free space of that drive, that drive is the E: drive so it should show since drive 2 in the variables is E:.... looked all down in the //Drives// section and could not figure out how to do it
Looks very nice. What I'm missing though is a 24h clock and GPU load and temp. I guess you'd have to use SpeedFan for that. Could you do that? :D
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Is there a possibility to change that white circular period at the clock widget from 60seconds do 24 hours? One day period would be great, if starting on bottom center that would be perfect.
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Fantastic, very stylish!
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 This is awesme :D 
just wish it had a six core cpu version...
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beautiful skin. thanks. one question, the trash seems to lag? is there a refresh time limit on it? I am always having to reload the trash skin to have it properly reflect my recycle bin. Any ideas? Thanks again
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Also, the network meter seems to be innacurate? It never shows my correct download speed, actually it shows it about half my speed. any way to adjust it?
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