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Dotw | Tristan *RETIRED*


:new: 9/4/16 - Tristan retires with 15 bones


"In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit."



Name: Tristan 
"TRIS-tan" (English) "Trees-TAWN" (French)
Meaning: Full of sorrows (Latin) Tumult; outcry (English) A knight (Arthurian)
Nicknames: Tris
Age: Young Adult (roughly 3 years)
Gender: Male
Height: 36"
Weight: 90lbs
Build: Large and tall, but skinny. His legs are long and his body is thin, overall build is lanky.
Voice Actor: Troy Baker
Mate: Ruby
Territory: Aryn

Incredibly extroverted and friendly, Tristan could make friends with just about anyone, or at least try to. He is very charismatic, to the point where he would be very good at manipulating people if that was his goal. Luckily, he is actually very kind, and a true moral soul at heart. He would not hurt a fly with anything more than words and prefers using his intellect to fight his battles, given he is not very good at fighting physically. He is large and fast, but not very strong, and can be overpowered without much issue. He prefers not to fight, anyway, finding it tasteless. Tristan is very morally sound and ethically driven, which causes him to treat everyone with an equal amount of kindness, regardless of their intentions or background. This can actually be a troublesome thing, because he trusts fairly easily and is a good target for emotional manipulation. Overall, he is sweet and loyal to a fault, however his privileged, almost spoiled upbringing fostered a sense of entitlement in Tristan, and he can be a bit arrogant because of it. He harbors a lot of slightly brat-like behaviors because of it, and because his parents usually did just about everything for him, he hasn't done as well as he thought he would living on his own without any help. 

Over time, these behaviors have lessened and just about gone away completely in him as he's become humbled by his life alone. 


Pre-Group History: 
Tristan grew up the younger of two brothers to parents who cared deeply for their second child in a way the first never knew. While they loathed his brother, they doted on Tristan like he was the center of their universe. They gave him everything he ever asked for and more, giving him everything they didn't or couldn't provide for his older brother. His sibling worked hard to please their parents while Tristan didn't have to do much of anything to gain their praise.

His brother, fed up with how their parents treated him, eventually left the pack and went off on his own when Tristan was young, barely even a juvenile. Since then, Tristan has realized how unfair their upbringing was and feels guilty for being treated so well while his brother got nothing. He's since left their parents to find his estranged older brother, wanting to somehow mend their relationship and make up for what he did.


-Very trusting and kind, and wouldn't turn anyone away if they needed his help
-Not very good at physical tasks, despite his size
-Just about the definition of a gentle giant
-Has gained some scars, mostly along his legs and paws, from his rough time as a loner


Group History: 
Tristan searched a long time for his brother, running into many new faces along the way. The most notable of which was Isolde, a golden female from Aryn who soon left the pack to lend Tristan a hand in finding his brother. During their travels together Tristan fell hard for her, but before he could tell her, he woke up one morning and she was gone. Heartbroken, Tristan returned to his life of solitude, idly searching for her as well as his brother to find answers. During this time, he met a female called Ruby, a fellow loner. The two hit it off, staying together for a short while until they too had parted ways. He soon returned to Aryn to see if Isolde had gone back there, but to no avail; she really was gone. The Lady Athena offered him a place to stay and information from her Rangers if they ever did find any trace of Isolde or his brother. 

September 7/8
Joined DotW +2 bones
somebody call out to your brother 1 bone
DOTW: A Brush with a Stranger 1 bone
blizzard 1 bone
DotW | Age Meme | Tristan 2 bones

November 2/6
DotW | Tristan | Gender Swap 2 bones

December 24/25…
brother's blood 1
DotW MSE | The Beach 2 
sleeping limbs 1 
DotW | Tristan | Hypo-Pup Meme 1
winter wonderland 1 
hello my old heart 1 
spectrum 1 
eve 1 
winter 1 
wood 1 
amnesia 1 
DotW RP: The Friendly Trespasser 1 
stroll 1 
this is where we used to live 1 
mind 1 
prowl 1 
sing 1 
crave the sun 1 
of the sand 1
leaps and bounds 1 
sadness and sorrow 1
Fighting Dreamers 1 

January 2/6… 1… 1

February 3/6
DotW | Tristan | Origins 2… 1

March 1/6
DotW RP - Bull Headed Decision +1

June 1/6… +1

DotW | Tristan | The Seamstress 1

DotW | Tristan | dread +2
-15 for Tal

DotW | Tristan | in the woods somewhere 1
DotW | Tristan | wanderlust 1 

Dotw Ruby and Tristan : ICE BREAKER 1
DotW | Tristan | river 1
DotW | winter 1 
-31 for mate/pups
Friendly Faces 1 
Goodbye For A Spell 1…

.:A Strange Run-in:. +1 
Dotw: Tristan Meets His New Famil +1 

DotW | Sparkle Meme | Tristan +2

DotW | Field +2

June… +2

September EXIT 

Retires with 15 bones

total: 15 bones
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