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"Makes work Much easier"

What do you enjoy best?

First and foremost we need to mention that the free trial option in Adespresso, without which I wont even be inclined to try out the platform first. Following the trial period, I got really excited by the standard of service supplied and decided to stick with them. The support makes advertisements via social platform so simpler. One of the biggest advantage you get with adexpresso is the fact that it supports multiple social networking platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Google marketing. You just need to connect your ad account with the platform and you're good to go. Creating advertising campaigns is so simple here, there are many choices to personalize them optimize for the best experience. The easiness here additionally assist you with experimenting with many different advertisements and determine which one works best. When the advertisement is live, it is possible to get a deep insight into the campaign which comprises the clicks, enjoys, views etc. The analytics result also includes amazing virtual aids for interpreting the information without difficulty. The insight comprises tips too which help you see which effort is not running well and optimize them to get greater advertising performance. Report exporting can be excellent here and you are able to get the analytics data into PDF with a single click. It is also quite simple to create lively advertisements with adexpresso that's one of the most powerful advertising tools.

What do you dislike?

The pricing could be a burden if you are just starting and also the simple package will cost you $49 per month. The support relies on the top tier that's actually frustrating.
Tips to others considering the product

Well for starters the service may be a little pricey but in the event that you can spend it, I strongly recommend this service for the advertising campaigns.

What business issues are you solving using the product? What advantages have you understood?

Adexpresso is an instrument to handle your Facebook and google advertisement campaigns.

"Facebook Campaigns made easy"

What do you enjoy best?

That which I likes best is the Campaign optimization and divide testing accessible. Both of these are the key factors as to why we chose adespresso. Gone are the days of using Company Manager to make ad after ad inside a campaign to be sure you have several ads that it is possible to test. Adespresso is simple, it is possible to ad up to 50 advertisements in your advertisement set, only ad a headlinetext, images or call to activities when creating the campagin and Adespresso will automatically create all of the ad places for you. Further to this, when divided testing, you'll be able to optimise your effort when sufficient data is available. Adespresso makes it apparent as to which ads are doing and that are failing and will promt you to pause, alter or discontinue certain ads depending on which you have divided tested.

What do you dislike?

As soon as the reports are created, it is possible to advertisement such great info to inform clients of all elements of their campaigns, but a few ads cannot be synced if you've used Advertisements Manager, meaning that the ads wont appear in adespresso also you can't generate a report on. And if you attempt to replicate a report, it can subtract the template you're working to use. Maybe introducing a lock attribute would solve this. However, aside from that, clients love the degree of detail we could go with our reports.

Tips to others considering the Item

If you wish to split test without the hassell of needing to create different advertisement collections one at a time, then Adespresso is the product for you. Simply click and advertising headlines, images, text, CTA's and it will autmatically create the different ads.

What business issues are you solving using this product? What benefits have you understood?

Adespresso ads the advantage of managing multiple ad accounts in one area. Possessing several customers with different ad accounts, advertisement espresso makes it effortless to run advertising campaigns, split test, optimise and monitor many ads in the click of a button.

"Great Tool. TERRIBLE customer service"

More details:…

What do you enjoy best?

It gets the work smoothly and it is very effcient. Save time performing A/B Testing.

Ability to use, but lacks some mobile development, essential in this age.

What do you dislike?

Got a problem? No body will assist you, and I'm serious, NOBODY IS GONNA HELP YOU. They never answer mails, support tickets just take months, etc..

Money refund? Nope. Got a problem with the a password, then you fb advertising account, etc? Not going to assist you. Literally, nothing.

One of the worst client support I've ever experienced.

Even companies from developing cuntries of southamerica have a better customer service

Tips to other people considering the product

Do not place too much in Adespresso without trying and knowing everything, cos recall, custumer service is awful
What business issues are you solving with the product? What advantages have you realized?

Great to perform A/B Testing

What do you enjoy best?

Nothing, it is a total waste of money and after searching there are far greater platforms around who really care about their clients and answer support questions.

If it had been possible I'd upload an image of the service question and the period length where I have received zero response. Individuals would be much better off using a different stage than Adespresso

What do you really dislike?

Signed up for 1 yr and also its worst thing I have ever done. They NEVER reply to support questions and therefor unable to utilize Adespresso fully.

Not just that but they really do n`t practice that which they understand to be both the correct and professional way to respond to facebook opinions.

They have a post notice they state how companies should manage comments, good or bad…

Yet once I remarked on a FB article they have just blocked me from commenting even though I am a paying client.

Tips to others contemplating the product

AVOID AdEspresso like the plaque, they are ridiculous and you'll receive zero support particularly in the event that you spend money on a year ahead of time. WORST platform I've ever utilized.
What business problems are you solving using the item? What advantages have you understood?

I've had zero benefit because they doassure response any support inquiries. The company issues AdEspresso are now solving are ZERO, rather they've caused nothing but problems, time and expense. Their service is dreadfull, all they want in is signing up you and carrying your money, then you're on your own.

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