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Hey all, so recently I've come with the idea to start a small series of 'Task Journals', which is a series of several magic practices. This journal functions as a sample which you can expect.

What is a Task List, and how do I start it?
Task Lists are unofficial lists of Magic Practice for your wyngro. They consist of various objectives you can draw your wyngro doing, that involve the usage of two magic styles revolving around one theme. To join, just draw! You can start right away and do not need to wait for open entries or deadlines. Note though, that your wyngro has to be an adult to participate, as usage of Magic is required. This also means that, if a journal requires your wyngro to practice Intermediate magic, your wyngro has to be able to use that magic.

Each Task set has 5 different tasks; 2 single-styled, 1 multi-styled, 1 co-op, and 1 free-form 'exam'. This exam can only be attempted once you've completed all four prior tasks. You can complete any tasks in any order, and you can even decide to leave a task set uncompleted until your wyngro meets the rest of the requirements, and even start another one while you're at it!

Why should I do Task Lists?
Task Lists are presented as a form of inspiration to draw your wyngro of practicing magic. This can be through a form of getting Upgrade Requirements done, or a source of ideas to use for Independent Magic learning*. They involve a variation of subjects; Exercise, Combat, Getting tasks done efficiently/uniquely or just for plain fun/leisure. And of course, what better than to show off a shining badge?

*When using this for Independent Magic, you need to follow the Independent Magic rules; Your progress only counts per deviation. Because of this, you may use two deviations into one and the same task

Isn't Multi-styling magic considered impossible?
Yes and No. Usage of two different styles of magic individually is impossible among traditional wyngrew, so these Tasks will not ask you to do so. Elements have a completely different skillset, which is demanding for a rookie to be able to differentiate in practice. Therefore, an untrained wyngro needs a break of at least a few hours to 'switch gears'. Two individual wyngrew however can be able to 'join forces' and use their own magic to assist on what you are doing.


Task Set: Cooking with Magic (Wyngro Fire Pixel ElementWyngro Water Element Pixel)

Face 8 by AnhrakShay: All right kids, this practice is going to be all about cooking. Who doesn't like one heck of a meal all made on your own? This is what we'll be practicing though... you'll be using your magic to prepare and create your very own meal, and with only your magic!
Face 10 by AnhrakShay: The ingredient we're going to grill a meal with is some nice lump of Rattle Steak!
Face 6 by AnhrakShay: Of course, if you don't like meat all-together, this dish works excellent with a bunch of Crestumps too. Pick what you like!

Task 1: Preparing Charcoal Wyngro Fire Pixel Element 

Face 11 by AnhrakShay: All right. As we're going to grill (Or barbequeue, whichever way you want to call it) some Steak or Crestumps, we of course need a fire source.
Face 6 by AnhrakShay: Just raw wood isn't going to do the job. It's going to cause a lot of smoke, and gives unwanted flavors to the dish.
Face 4 by AnhrakShay: Here's what you'll need to do in order to make charcoal; First, you need to ignite the pile of assembled wood using Conjure Fire. This will get a nice fire going. Once the wood has been burning for a while, up until the point white ash is starting to appear, then you need to use Manipulate Fire to extinguish the flame. You'll made a nice batch of Charcoal! It can still burn at a good rate, and doesn't contain unwanted moisture anymore.

Task 2: Filling a bucket Wyngro Water Element Pixel 

Face 1 by AnhrakShay: All right, hold your puckoo's right there, this is not going to be so easy as it sounds. I mean, anyone can fill a bucket, right? But... can you do so without pulling it from a direct source of water? Sounds a little more challenging now, right? 
Face 5 by AnhrakShay: The cue is here; We need water to keep our meal nicely moist and our charcoal steaming. But dirty water is a no-go, and we're not going to pull it from taps and wells! We're going to find our own source of water, and indirectly collect it into our buckets.
Face 4 by AnhrakShay: Here's what you'll need to do in order to gather water; First, you will need to use your Dowse ability to find an open available source of water. Don't worry, it can be ANYTHING, even a murky river! It won't matter. As water vaporizes every time, it causes the air around it to be humid at all times. Use your Condense Water ability to extract water from this humid area. The area is bountiful with water for a rookie to collect, so now we have a nice bucket of clean water. So much for a dirty water source, eh?

Task 3: Gathering Salt Wyngro Fire Pixel ElementWyngro Water Element Pixel 

Face 11 by AnhrakShay: This task will be significantly more demanding, but salt is an absolute must-have in preparing a grilled dish. As you will be performing two different magic styles for this task, please do not stress yourself and take a reasonable break between the two styles. Health comes even before food.
Face 6 by AnhrakShay: When we think of salt, there's only one place we'd think of, right? That's right; the sea. And this is exactly where we're going to get it, so grab your buckets and start walking, the sea resides over the mountains bordering Wynsiph.
Face 4 by AnhrakShay: For the first part, we're going to collect the seawater first! And don't you dare be lazy by just scooping it up, this is a magic practice! Use your Conjure Water ability to collect sea water into the bucket. Be advised not to drink it. You got to trust me on this one. For the next step back in Wynsiph, pour the water in a solid container like a bowl. Use your Melt Materials ability while holding the bowl, to make the water boil away. Once the water's all gone, scoop the white sandy substance, this is salt!  

Task 4: Gathering Ember Snaps Wyngro Fire Pixel Element (+ Partner Wyngro Wind Pixel Element

Face 8 by AnhrakShay: Time to get a little socialized, shall we? Sorry loners, but this meal comes for two! Since this task will involve some more direct magic diversity, you'll have to bring in a partner that can use Basic Wind magic to assist you. Two pairs of hands make a meal much more interesting, and enjoyable to eat. Don't dare to fight over who gets the last piece, though. You'll get your chance elsewhere.
Face 2 by AnhrakShay: What makes a grilled Steak or Crestump make even better? Spices! Let it happen that there is this nice piece called an Ember Snap that makes a perfect photo-finish for a grilled steak. As again, we're going to gather and prepare our own with magic! You can find Ember Snaps on trees nearby the Desert.
Face 4 by AnhrakShay: First, have your partner rummage the trees with Wind Gust to let the Ember snaps drop. Make sure they don't fall on your head, they can be hard! Simply collect those ember snaps that fall down. Now it is up to you to crack open the Ember Snaps using your Conjure Fire magic. Scrape the nice spicy parts out of the shell, and you got a nice batch of spice to use!

Task exam: Preparing the Meal Wyngro Fire Pixel ElementWyngro Water Element Pixel  

Face 8 by AnhrakShay: All right, you got everything you need! Fuel, water, salt, spice, and your uncooked dish! Time to get cooking!
Objective: Draw two deviations of your Wyngro grilling a Rattle Steak or Crestump, within which he performs any one Fire magic ability, and any one Water magic ability.

Got your nice meal all done and ready? Submit your bundle of Deviations in the highlighted comment below. Once accepted, consider yourself the proud owner of this Task Set's badge!
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Tyrunt-Overlord Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017
this is a really cool idea!
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