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So... yeah, where to start with this.

A while back, I've been having my wyngro Shay available for a breeding request someone else made. Appearantly, this keeps getting a really weird taste into the mouths of others, as the partner he had bred with, already had a partner. And so, throwing in assumptions that I'm letting others cheat out of my own initiative. For our defence, I feel it should be known that that was a future plan. Shay's breeding partner was canon-wise still single at the moment of the breeding request. As well, the breeding request was not mine, but both from the artist's perspectice as well as in-character, there was no reason to deny.

In light of this certain outburst of wild assumptions, I feel several things simply must be known by now, about how I'm handling breeding requests.
1 - Firstly, and foremostly, I'm always checking if either party has a partner. While the artist always has the 'veto' about what happens to their character, I do have the decency to check first if there are other parties affected by such decision. If there is nobody that would be affected canon-wise, then that means that on my end, there's a green light.
2 - Secondly, communication and consent. If someone comes to me with the request to breed with one of my characters, I actually shouldn't put them into an interrogation room to ask them if they're sure. I trust that, if somebody else wants to have my wyngrew stud for breeding, they will be well-aware of how their character's plot will develop. I do check back if they're sure on the kind of development. And if they agree with it too, then that means you should not be pointing fingers at me as artist when something as third party didn't come over well. If I'm the one that's about to make a request, I do my homework just as any other to see if a stakeholder would be affected by it. For this case; if I'd let Shay have another egg to keep, Savannah will know. Charlie, will know, but I won't continue if she feels uneasy on it until we've carefully plotted things out!
3 - Thirdly, and lastly, I have a strong border between what happens between Characters, and between Artists. Just putting the blunt knife on the table here; Shay is a fuckboy, all right? That's simply what he is designed to be. He'll be easily pulled into the same bed with another, while his heart, his partner-wise relationship, will always belong to Savannah. But just because Shay is easily pulled into a bed, doesn't automatically mean I just go carelessly into a breeding prompt blindly. As such, I also treat the other party very strongly devided on the character and artist side. If the artist consciously wants to but the character might have a few bumps on the road to get there, then it doesn't take rocket science to figure out where the boat is headed to. Because; the Artist wanted it. And if something would happen character-wise, then that's not on me in person. Logically being a human being too, I don't leave them out in the cold when things do get complicated.

I hate it when ignorance causes people to point fingers to the wrong person, thinking they know every single bit of something that was discussed without their pressence. I don't blame them for their ignorance, but I do blame them for making prejudical assumptions without doing their homework first. It's petty, and it is the exact thing that makes people completely turned off of trying to get some character development with each other.

I won't stop having my characters stud for breeding, because I don't sway to petty things like these. This is solely meant to clear some light at that there are people too who actually do their homework.
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Submitted on
January 30