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I was tagged by WwolfDublagens, whirlawind and SmogNfloG, but I only have one and the same character, so all you'll get is Shay.

1. Please post these rules!

2. Post 8 facts about your character!

3. Tag 8 other characters, list their names and their creators!

4. Tag-backs are fine!

5. As a reminder from Vaylore, please don't spread these in the Wyngro group ^^;

Wyngro - Nyum :V (Ponder will not approve.) by Anhrak
Shay Naya, my first and current only Wyngro, who is already quite the enigma as every time he seems to show a completely different side of himself. Truth has many different visions from each perspective, of which all are True. As versatile as he can be, as unpredicitble he is. He is a very friendly, fluffy fella, as long you're on his good side that is. Luckily, he doesn't tend to hold strong grudges.

  1. The original design of my first wyngro was never an orange one. In fact, as the application went forwards, I had two completely different colors in mind; Brown, or Vanilla. I even had a silly cute-ish name prepared for him to be called 'Brownie', but then it changed into a little more stable, serious setting.
  2. As many experience when they first start with anything, their first creation isn't the perfect one. More in the way of, when I drew Shay for the first times, I had no idea how complex certain body parts would be. As such, especially now he's adult, I regret for having given him Paws as hands, and still am a little sceptical about his accent color.
  3. Shay's scarf comes from a little 'untold' story, to the point where it's now known that it came from his mother who passed away, long before Shay even hatched. The loss of his mother did his father, Francis, bode very poor future for either him or his young, to which he decided to drop his egg at the Nook. Alma never personally witnessed the transferral, but saw no reason to ignore a wyngling in need of care.
  4. As Shay was never 'officially' registered, he has spent most of his nights on a sleeping place somewhere on a high cupboard in the hallways of the Nook. He has no vertigo. Instead, just like a cat, he likes to be resting on high places so he can oversee the area. That is, of course, until the point where he made a 2 meter drop off the cupboard during his sleep. Alma severely disapproved.
  5. Although of a serious concept, Shay is also a character I love to 'meme' with. Not just 'memes' like this journal, but also other generic things. Inevitably, with a more charismatic character development, I'm 99%* sure his catchphrase will be 'Lemme Smash'. Another example is the reason why I picked "Francis" as name for his father. Since he's alive, he now has a reason to spam everybody saying "Where is Francis?"

    *Please take in mind this number has an inaccuracy of 99%
  6. As some noticed this already the hard way, Shay is a very playful, but also an impish kind of character. His way of flirting is attempting to make people laugh, even through self-humiliation. But other ways of trying to introducing himself is by jump-scaring them, pranking them, etc. Only on rare occassions, he has the tendancy to be suddenly very nervous/quiet, or verbally tease them. Luckily, whenever he does tease somebody as such, he only does so to people he actually likes and wants to get to know better.
  7. Shay loves meat. From a baked piece of puckoo meat to a grilled lump of rattle steak, he loves it. Though he wouldn't occassionaly reject some sweet, bitter or spicy fruit. Among the things Shay hates, which is very scarce, there is one true nemisis that has haunted him so far through his entire childhood; Water. He despises it. From downpours to simple baths, he hates almost everything that is related to water touching his fur. Mud seems somewhat in the gray zone, however. Another thing what he hates, can be rather formulated in a warning; messing with Shay's scarf, is considered a death-sentence.
  8. Albeit Shay's playful, volatile behavior, deep inside he has a very strong, ambitious core of a character. When one manages to crack through that strange shell, they will see and understand Shay is a very ambitious and protective person. Whereas he's not as bold, he has no need for second thoughts to risk his life at the protection at others, and in fact has already come true to his word. Though, the wisest should beware of trying to pry into Shay's personal or physical being, as going too far will have very poor consequences.

Cream TheWarriorDogs 
Storm UmbreonWarrior 
Ashnae KillerLillers 
Gabu WwolfDublagens 
Max IsaFuchs 
Effie LouLouBaBa 
Polaris TernOnADime
Alice whirlawind 
Talis Vaylore 
Eeehhhh, I couldn't count. Ah well, the one who tagged me missed one tag, so I guess this'll just fill the gap.

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