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So when this meme was trending the previous time, I was tagged multiple times but only had Shay. Things changed now, and now a new tag had arrived, it's time to present the whole crew now to make up for the lost tags list time.

Shay Naya
1 - Shay, albeit ambitious of learning more and growing stronger, never likes to brag or show off with what he can do. He is more laid back and anticipates people underestimating what he can do. Vaylore's Fennel became a great role model to his ambition when he showed off his ice magic when Shay was only but a child.
2 - Although Shay grows stronger, he has grown over the point of any great goals. His goals lie more in the protection of those he cares about, preventively and reactively. If someone becomes a threat to him or anyone he cares about, he'll give them the message to back off.
3 - Shay is the type of person that loves to help out his friends in anything. Even if it's something dangerous {Although he'll nudge that it might be a 'stupid' idea} or completely embarrassing, Shay won't hold back.
4 - Shay has a weakness for female ginger gro's. Although he is already in a relationship, he can't help dropping a charming nudge or greeting at any other orange female.
5 - Shay hates water. But strangely, thanks to previous magic lessons, he feels closer to water than earth. He even accidently used water magic when he dropped in it, but hasn't realized it.
6 - Shay doesn't like to be alone, he always wants someone by his side to share his life with. He has met many wyngrew before and tried flirting with them, only to much later notice that there had been one wyngro looking for him all this time, Charliebug3's Savannah.
7 - Shay possesses one prized item, a 'Thaumonomicon.' It used to be a magic learning book from long ago, dating back before the Ban on Dark Magic era, though has already been cleared of dark magic information and now shows nothing more than any normal magic learning book should. except it just looks very old and authentic.
8 - Shay is the son of Francis Naya, and Vess Esper. Francis was a territorial male wandering the forest north of Wynsiph, while Vess was an independent magic initiate who had been seeking refuge for never-disclosed reasons. The two got along for a while, and poof, out came Shay's egg. Vess rejected it as it did not hold her colors, and left Francis.

Mora Naya
1 - Mora Naya is the daughter of Shay Naya and KillerLillers's Ashnae. Although, she is not a biological daughter as the couple was too young, she was received as an adopted egg.
2 - Mora has one genetical sister, ASTRAGATO's Glory. Their eggs were found by Shay and Aurin from a couple that got mortally injured during a storm, and did not make it out alive. Mora is aware of Shay's role and, although she doesn't exactly like it, she has forgiven him because it was thanks to him she was still alive and well taken care for.
3 - Mora's personality is rather flirty and swift, she likes to have short-term relations and interactions with every kind of wyngro, and tries to draw the most out of it. Sometimes she even is a bit of a bully by stretching emotions like shyness, agitation or fear, once shown by KillerLillers's Kaizo. In the first week, she was nearly glued to him.
4 - She has two very good friends, of which one she is nearly inseperable from, which are Lila Vannessen, and Holly Locus. They seem both to be very fashionable gro's, for which Mora is an absolute sucker for.
5 - She. Loves. Food. She loves cooking it, experimenting dishes, everything, especially when she got to do it with whirlawind's Honey. Her favorite food {Or in her words, 'ingredient'}, is Leffa leaf. Anybody want some Leffa tea? In fact, Mora's name came inspired off a food brand in the Netherlands.
6 - Mora's adult design looks familiar like that of a Sphinx, a hint coming from her liking of the Egyptian Collar.
7 - In some perspectives, Mora has a rather flirty, sassy, 'NSFW' personality when she is with other male adults. This came as the cause of both a moderate drive to pass on genes, as well a series of very unfortunate timings/experiences during her early adulthood.
8 - Mora is loyal to whoever cares about her, even when those she is loyal too are not too benevolent. She thinks that, as long they have not been mean to her, she has no reason to be mean to them.

Yvor (Yphorius)Naya
1 - Yvor has a rather naive and quirky personality. But he can get very serious when he needs to. He just doesn't feel like it to be so all the time.
2 - At Rudy's general store, Yphorius found a chestplate, slightly rusted, dented and worn-out, which used to be an older training plate from Antova. Yphorius took it to Gulch to commission him restoring the plate. He has never taken it off ever since.
3 - Yvor secretly had a crush on WwolfDublagens 's Gabu, but when he was about to tell, he thought another wyngling already had taken him and became jealous.
4 - Completely oposite of his brother; Shay, Yvor likes to seem very 'potent', talking rather arrogant that he'll fix everything. This often gets him into trouble.
5 - Yphorius' appearance and personality was inspired with a slight mix of the following iconic game characters: Gideon Jura {Magic the Gathering}, Crash Bandicoot and Papyrus {Undertale}
6 - Yvor doesn't like magic. He thinks it requires too much thinking. Although, it turns out rather hypocritical as, much like Shay, Fire Magic runs in his blood.
7 - Yvor cares a lot about Tyrunt-Overlord's Bonnie, a wyngling he met from very close {and during} growing up. He loves how Bonnie had been developping and made him love her like his own child.
8 - The only family heritage is that both Shay and Yvor share the same father. Surprisingly, their father's genes must've been very dominant as the two look a surprising lot like each other. Yvor's mother however remained unknown.

Lila (Lavender) Vannessen
1 - Lavender has a very playful personality, and is very talktive as well. At the backfire that, while some like her, nobody wants to be really closely associated with her as the endless chattering annoys them.
2 - From all those friends however, only three have never even bothered her being overly talktive, those beying Mora Naya and Holly Locus, and Lavender's crush, TheWarriorDogs's Noctu.
3 - Lavender is diocturnal. Her sleeping schedule is distorted and no longer bound to the sun/moon cycle. She just sleeps whenever she is tired and has no troubles doing so. Nonetheless, the sound of all the wynglings soothe her sleep.
4 - Although Lavender is a rather fashionable wyngro, she doesn't mind going through the dirt to help out someone or when she sees something interesting. In fact, she was often found verdicted for some mandatory bath-time when she saw something shining in the mud.
5 - Lavender hates being picked on. She dislikes fighting, especially when she becomes the target. One bully in particulair has never gotten off her tail still, that being Murphy.
6 - Lavender can't hold secrets. Her chatty personality makes her spill the beans of a juicy secret too easily.
{ I can't think of two others}

Murphy Esper
1 - Murphy Esper is a cliché douchebag. He has never been taught any discipline, and applies the 'pecking order' behaviorial concept of excerting dominance above others of his kind. Thanks to this behavior, his body had grown tougher than the avarage wyngling.
2 - Although Murphy is a bully, he is not arrogant and does not show off. His confrontations are direct face-to-face, and does it more for the rush of adrenaline. The hillarious reactions and aftermath are only icing on the cake.
3 - Murphy is hardly impressed. He's very self-sufficient and doesn't take anything from anyone. This also means that he doesn't learn when he's being punished, he's even been more in the Time-Out box more than he has been in his own bed.
4 - Although Murph's enemy's list is huge, he has one rather interesting partner, which is DesigningDreamer's Seraphina. Their shared perspectives rang through Murphy's interests.
5 - Murphy has no preference for food tastes. He likes any food, especially that which was meant for someone else.
6 - Murphy has a rather low pain grade, but in return he has a far higher threshold before becoming unconcious. {Edgy bit here...} In fact, he likes it when somebody gets the first strike on him, as it gets him pumped with adrenaline.
7 - Murphy is demonic. Not gonna sugar-coat it. His father, Razaketh, possessed many features and upgrades that are easily associated with what can be seen with a human-perspective 'demon'. His mother was Vess Esper, one equally shared with Shay Naya.
8 - Murphy was never supposed to be named Murphy. His egg's nametag got switched in the chaos. Such a disgrace when he meets his father.

Holly Locus

Dally Lott

Rudy Lott
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