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Wyngro - The night he saw It - Part 3 by Anhrak Wyngro - The night he saw It - Part 3 by Anhrak

Part 2:…

Possibly the hardest work I've had so far, lots of things didn't work out well, so I can't say this is my perfect creation. I was a bit too over-ambitious.

"With unforgetable... I had a little different in mind."


With the beach just behind us, we found ourselves at the lake again. Until the night came, we enjoyed as much as we could... Not that it was much, we were tired from the long day that had already been upon us. But a little tickle fight never hurts.

The night was slowly dropping, and the sun had already disappeared behind most of the woods. It was quiet... peaceful. No sounds from birds or other animals... no wind... no... nothing. But night was slowly dropping, and so it was time to find a place in the forest to stay for the night. As the night was mostly in already, it was very dark in the forest, we've never been used to this kind of darkness. But we had each other which made us feel safer. As said, the two of us were finding a nice spot to rest for the night. We found refuge just below some dense foilage, and tried to rest there. So far so good, as we thought, as we slowly fell away in slumber...

It was only until I heard something. Small, crittering things... faint, far-away cries... probably just some nightly activity. Why was I unsettled? I should know this would be here during the night... 'come now Shay, what's even going to happen? Is a Puckoo going to nibble on you while you're asleep'? I tried to ignore it, just going back to sleep... but one thing stood out. It walked as a thud rather than some taps, and at one point, it was really bad news when I saw a claw just a meter in front of me. Two big claws passed by, just as big as my head, and another singulair claw... it missed one?

I quickly woke up Cream because this was bad, we needed to very stealthly flee from where we were. It took some time to get her back to sense, and when I finally did... it came back. This time from behind us, not only just a claw appeared, but a snout too, puffing a breath of warm air over us. Out of reflex, Cream lashed out at the beast, in attempt to scare it away... except that it didn't. Instead it got angry, and as the beast made a growl, as we fled to the other side as fast as we could. As the beast was startled, we had a head start off it, but as it was bigger than us, it caught up with us at ease. At one point, it caught up with us, and we couldn't rush any further... if things were going to continue like this, neither of us would get out.

'Neither of us... as long it's not Cream.' Shay's thoughts went as, in a split second, he turns around and stands low to the ground, facing the beast head-on. "RUN, Cream! I w-will buy you enough time to get to safety!" Shay shouted as he stared it in the eyes. It's cold menacing stare didn't discourage Shay... He had to do it.

"N-no! I'm not going to leave a friend behind like this!" Cream says as she saw Shay's actions. "I'm not leaving a friend in need!"

"DO IT, CREAM!" Shay shouts, not breaking eye contact. "Else it will get both of us!" He says, with a trembling voice. From the intense, he didn't notice the departure, his eyes were focused on the thing that attempted to endanger she who he cares most about. Someone to die for.


"It was until that point... I haven't seen her since."


To be continued...

Shay belongs to Me
Cream belongs to TheWarriorDogs 

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