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Wyngro - The flame of two souls, forging one new by Anhrak Wyngro - The flame of two souls, forging one new by Anhrak

At last... the nervous day Shay had been waiting for had finally arrived. Shay had been restless the entire night for it to happen... many questions racing through his mind. 'what if she doesn't like it'... 'what if she needs more time... or...'... ' I'm sure it'll all be fine. It will all be...'

Shay's mind kept on going. While in bed, he turns around and sees Savannah sleeping peacefully. 'Just... look at her...' He thinks, gently stroking some of her mane's hairs without waking her up. Outside it was still night, Shay decided it was best to catch up some more sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. He crept a bit closer to Savannah, holding his arm gently around her, falling asleep within just seconds. His mind at peace.

The day started early, but nothing special as usual. Mora and Renault waking up soon, going for a walk outside around the lake. Their usual routine, while Savannah brought Cocoa to the Nook, and Alice went somewhere too. The house was now empty except for Shay... the precious seconds now were counting to prepare. This was the moment, no turning back now. No room for error.

Savannah returned soon after, and Shay was all dressed in his uniform. Ready to invite Savannah over for some special time, just with the two of them. A walk through the forest, teaching Savannah some minor fire magic she was always curious about... now the last beautiful day was there. Once the afternoon hit, Shay invited her over to the Old Puckoo, a restaurant and dancing plaza where Shay often works as server. But this time, he didn't come there to work. The two were sitting at a table before Tango arrived, ready to take their order... the roles switched, as Shay suddenly stood up stood in front of her, a box in his claws. Shay kneels down before Savannah with the box... his face bright red of nervosity. "Hey Sav..." He says, strugling to figure out his words. "So... gulp... t-today is the big day... Our special date." He fiddles a bit more with the box in his claws. "I... made you something, Gulch helped me with it, I... I hope you like it." Shay says as he opens the box, revealing a golden bracelet in it with an emerald mounted into it. "I love you, Savannah... so much." He says... Savannah's eyes widened, a moment of silence, before she put it on and launched herself into Shay's arms, snoot-booping him.

As a cherry on the cake, he invited her over to the dance ground. Savannah hesitated a bit. "B-but Shay... I don't know how to dance." She stumbled, but Shay just simply smiled. "It's all right, Sav. Just follow my movement." He says, fully trusting her. The dance went on like they both had done it for years. "All right Sav... remember what I taught you this afternoon. Hold up a flame in your claw." Shay mumbles with a smile, and saw the orange flame. He holds his claw right beside hers and conjures his pink flame right beside it...

...the two flames dancing around each other into one.

Cont:  Wyngro - A night to never forget (Int. Fire 3) by Anhrak

Savannah belongs to Charliebug3 

Shay upgrades:
- Sinister Horns

2x Fullbody (4)
1x Gift (1)


Breeding Prompt: 1/3
1nktast1c Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
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You have no idea how emotional I got when I wrote that.
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