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Wyngro - The Reveal (Lightning Week 3) by Anhrak Wyngro - The Reveal (Lightning Week 3) by Anhrak

Shay has been getting serious problems with his lightning magic class. After countless tries, his fear has been starting to prevent him from focussing. A fear... explained deeper below.


Many months ago,  soon after Shay has his first son Rakan, he has had an issue with his brother, Yvor. Yvor has always been the one to help behind the scenes, be the person there to rely on. But what he also was, was a man of the truth. Whilst Shay had given up on his quest of trying to figure out what happened to their mother, Vess, Yvor actually didn't stop. Via their father, Francis, he managed to delve up some more information... why she rejected Shay, why she left, and such.

At one point, Shay was standing with Yvor at a collapsed bridge, enjoying the view over the riverside. It was a monumental one, and a place they occasionally visited when they wanted to be alone. Gone from all daily troubles.
"...Yvor... You, really don't need to join me every time I go here, you know." Shay says softly, but his tone showed he had no objections to him being there.
    "Shay, you know I'm here for you when you're feeling down. And we both know that, when either of us goes here... they don't feel well." Yvor said calmly, with a deep voice.
"...Maybe. You're right. As usual, hehe." Shay chuckles for a moment. "...You would make for a good parent, you know. You can easily read someone."
    "Parent? After what our parents did to us? I... I don't think I could." Yvor said softly, his ears lowered.
"...You're fearing you're going to forget somebody? Like mom?" Shay said, but a gleam in Yvor's eyes appeared.
    "Forget? She abandonned you, you remember?" Yvor said, and stood up.
"Abandonned? Come on, that's not true." Shay says, refusing to believe Vess actually did that.
    "You mean you didn't know? She abandonned you when you were an egg, because you weren't her color. Dad told me."
"...Dad? Francis? W-what are you even insinuating? Dad hasn't been in Wynsiph ever since he dropped you off at the Nook!" Shay said frustratedly, and stood up as well.
    "I refused to break contact with dad. Just because you gave up on Vess doesn't mean dad isn't there anymore too." Yvor said and turned around.
"Okay, you're going to touch a wrong spot here, Yvor. I've never given up on my parents. They left me, you know that's the truth."
    "They left you because YOU were the reason to! Ever since you moved into that cursed house of yours, rebuilt from Vess's old cottage! You know your mom was in some deep shit and left Wynsiph over it!"
"...Deep shit?! What are you talking about!" Shay said, agitatedly. "...You're not-..."
    "...SHE LEFT BECAUSE YOU FOUND HER DIABOLIC AMBITION. SHE LEFT BECAUSE YOU WENT TOO DEEP INTO HER PAST." Yvor shouted, but Shay snapped, and held his paw tightly in his claw.
"...You... I've... been searching for her... not her work, HER." Shay hisses.
    "Really? And that thaumonomicon is supposed to do... what? Help you search?" Yvor says, hinting at the book Shay had hidden in his house. "You know there are torn pages out... and you KNOW what kind of magic that was!"
"...shut up, Yvor..." Shay softly hisses.
   "Your appearance may take a lot after your father... but you're having Vess's ambition. Am I supposed to believe you're not going to look more after her?!"
"... s-s-shut u-up..." Shay trembles more and more. His eyeglands were unawarely starting to glow magenta... a burst of emotions running through his mind, charging him with wild magic.
   "ARE YOU GOING TO ABANDON YOUR EGG AS WELL?! JUST BECAUSE IT'S NOT YOUR COLOR?!" Yvor suddenly shouts again, but then Shay looks at him with menacing eyes.
"...S-SHUT UP!" Shay screams out as he attempts to push Yvor, but during his gesture, a bolt of lightning came homing right at his face.
Shay stood in shock for a moment as he watches Yvor stumble from the shock... unresponsive... falling off the bridge. He looks at Yvor as he fell down... the last time he would have seen him since many more months.

Shay + Yvor belong to me

Yvor upgrades:
- Scar (Story above)

1x Fullbody
3x Bust
1x Background
(Not counting wyns for animation)
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