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Wyngro - Shay ref sheet (v2) by Anhrak Wyngro - Shay ref sheet (v2) by Anhrak

(Not my best work... I was on such late hours and high exhaustion finishing this.)

Arrow left Name: Shay Naya
Arrow left Sex: Male
Arrow left Gender: Male
Arrow left Type: Standard
Arrow left Round/Bump Nose: Bump
Arrow left Current Age: Adult
Arrow left D.O.B.: 10th of April 2017 New Wyngling - Shay
Arrow left Form: Bipedal
Arrow left Upgrades: (Wyns as of this ref sheet: 2/465)

- Elegant Hair Wyngro - Fire Magic week 4
- Brow Changer
- Slit Pupils Wyngro - Better be home fast {Weekly Prompt}
- Colored Tongue Wyngro - Shay's expressions (Monthly Prompt)
- Forked Tongue Wyngro - Swift (Inktober 1)
- Teeth Wyngro - Nyum :V (Ponder will not approve.)
- Cheek Fluff
- Goatee
- Coatala Ears
- Whip Tail Wyngro (GIF) - Preparing for the egg
- Sleek Tail 
- Elegant Tail Tip Wyngro (GIF) - Preparing for the egg
- Stripes Markings
- Sinister Horns Wyngro - Got it! / Wyngro - Puckoo on your head! (Weekly Prompt) / Wyngro - Fire Magic week 3 / Wyngro - Not according to expectations (IntFire 4)
- Noble Neck Fluff Wyngro - Swift (Inktober 1) Wyngro - Divide (Inktober 2) Wyngro - Underwater (Inktober 4) Wyngro - Sword (Inktober 6) Wyngro - Shy (Inktober 7)
- Limb Fluff Wyngro - Swift (Inktober 1)
- Double Pointed Elbow
- Thumbs Wyngro - Upgrades
- Small Defined Claws Wyngro - Upgrades
- Butt Fluff Wyngro - Measure Day
- Tail Fur  Wyngro - Icon Shay by Anhrak
- Pure Claws (Knows official BAS + INT Fire, BAS Wind, INT Lightning)
- Gradient Wyngro - Magic Acquired (Lightning week 4)
Arrow left Quirks: Flirty, sometimes rules emotion over morality.

Tiny Star Bullet EXTRAS Tiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftFamily/relations: 
Yvor Naya + Murphy Grix (Biological brothers)
Kia (Partner) WarriorsFanGirl1920
Jayce Naya and Rakan Naya (Biological children)
Mora, Renault, Alice and Celabon (adoptive kids) IronSlate NinjaSoilder whirlawind 

Arrow leftFriends:
Ponder Snivine444 
Savannah Charliebug3 
Tango Tyrunt-Overlord 
Flare GryffBirb 
Chipple + Eddeal Magix1 
Nichelle 1nktast1c 
Honey whirlawind 
Farran ArtyJayWolf 
Arrow leftEnemies: unknown
Arrow leftMate/Crush: Kia WarriorsFanGirl1920 
Arrow leftSexual Preferences: Any
Arrow leftMagic: Basic Fire, Intermediate Fire, Basic Wind, Intermediate Lightning
Arrow leftAccessories: Golden bell earring, silver bracelet.
Arrow leftCompanion Pets: Prince Coatala Masterlist #72
Arrow leftImportant Possessions: Thaumonomicon (Old magic book, handwritten by his mother.)

Tiny Star Bullet DESCRIPTION Tiny Star Bullet
Shay Naya had been rejected by his biological parents from the egg on. The mother refused him as he was not his color, and the father could not bring up the courage to take care from him. Shay has spent most of his time figuring out who his parents were, until the begin of his adulthood where he gave up this pursuit, and continue his own life instead.

While Shay is ambitious and loves to arrange things, he has trouble keeping things that way as well. When he adopted Mora, he ended in the same turmoil his father ended up in, having a failed courage into trying to take care for it. This kept happening as well with his relationships, and at the brink of his downfall, he met Savannah, who then turned out to become his wife, and bear Rakan's egg. A long while after, love just slowly watered away between them and Shay felt down, until he met Kia was so much alike him, both their interests, quirks, as well as their past. His spark grew brighter and he became loyal to her like never before, both becoming the parents of Jayce, and another egg.

Tiny Star Bullet ROLEPLAYINGTiny Star Bullet  

Arrow leftAccepting Roleplays: YES
Arrow leftPreferred roleplay source: DeviantArt Notes
Arrow leftWriting skill level: Nearly Native.
Arrow leftPreferences: Anything goes. Literally, anything.

Tiny Star Bullet CHARACTER ACTIONSTiny Star Bullet  
(How your character acts in situations)
Arrow leftMeeting new Wyngro: Tries to impress them by flexing.
Arrow leftMeeting new species: Not as interested. At most he'd hold out his claw to let them know him.
Arrow leftBeing surprised: React more exaggeratedly, before realizing it may not be as bad.
Arrow leftBeing touched: Nothing special
Arrow leftActions when sad: Wants to be with anyone to at least not feel alone.
Arrow leftLikes: Charberries, Rattle Steak
Arrow leftDislikes: Fighting
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