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Wyngro - Rudy approval app by Anhrak Wyngro - Rudy approval app by Anhrak

Name: Rudy
Biological Sex: Female
Type: Standard
Creation: MYO
Hatch Location: Other (Separated from parents during travel)

​Rudy and Dally are two siblings to each other, which share the same background to each other; when they both were still very young, only just at the point they were self-sufficient, they were separated from their parents while they were travelling towards Antova. They however did not know where they went, and had a hard time trying to find them. As they kept walking together, yet alone, they eventually ended up in Wynsiph where they were taken care of by a dark-gray bipedal named Alice.

Rudy is very energetic and positive. She always tries to find a way, and even in dire situations, she always tries to make the best of the situation. Usually you find her egging others on with ideas, full-heartedly saying 'it's not a big deal' (even when it is).

Dally on the other side is very down on the situation. He hates where he ended up, and in all honesty just wants his parents back, even though that is an impossibility now. Rudy has been the sole reason why Dally is still around, and is also the only one he feels comfortable with. Other than that, he prefers to be alone, even though his past travels traumatized him of being abandoned.

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October 19, 2017
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