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Wyngro - Fire Magic week 3 by Anhrak Wyngro - Fire Magic week 3 by Anhrak

It felt like I was drowning... so many things were going on above me, but I only started to go down... try as I might, I couldn't go further up... things above me, the real world, was slowly getting blurrier... but it just didn't end. Why did this even happen to me? What did I do to deserve experiencing this horrid chapter?

It has been a few days now since the prank had taken part, and I still couldn't find Ashnae anywhere. Yes, I say prank... Dare challenges were growing out of control, it became clear that somebody was dared to drug a drink with Sporicle dust. Out of all the odds... it had to be me. A shame though that the culprit of this prank didn't have the courage to show up and claim responsibility... but I couldn't expect any more, if I should be honest. But alas, life goes on, and so did my magic school.

As I came into the classroom, a buddy that I learnt to know named Ryouka, was already there. I had never even imagined I'd say it, but I dare to bet my mood was even more grim than his... But hey, try prove me wrong. Anyway... as the class slowly started to fill up, Zagor soon gave instructions on what to do next, and so we had to wait until the evening came, for a big bonfire to create in order to practice.

From amongs the class... I saw a familiar face, one that a friend, Alice, once used to introduce me to. Her name was Honey... a shiver of guilt ran down my spine when I saw her... as I remember my first impression was rather rude to her. She had baked some muffins which she gave to us... and while I actually appreciated her effort, I was trying to make Alice feel more comfortable with me, so... I took the 'cold hard truth' way instead of actually being thankfull.

...but something pushed me, not physically, as I stood up and walked towards her. "H-hey... y-your... Honey, aren't you...?" I said and she looked up, nodding in aknowledgement. "We... we've met before. You know, Alice, she introduced us. I... ehm... I hadn't really said nice things about what you made ba-..." I then added to try get a talk going, but she interrupted me with a laugh. "O-oh, don't worry Shay. We were wynglings back then. Besides, my cooking is much better now too." She then said to make me feel less guilty. "H-hey... Honey, maybe... you would like to do today's class together? My previous classmate is already occupied, so... at least let me give you this one to make up, all right?" I said, with a slightly sheepish smile on my face... and she agreed. I felt a little... better?

And so, the evening came where we appointed at the lake, surprisingly it was very close to where my house was. We got a fire starting and sat down on two logs for a while. The fire keeps on roaring and it was very silent. "S-so, let's get on with this magic practice then. You go first?" Honey says as she grabs some of the marshmellows and puts them on a twig, and stands up. I wasn't much thinking about it, but only then got the hint as Honey appeared with the marshmellows. I stood up and took a deep breath... trying to focus on the fire, finding a grip as my magic glands started to glow, a slight swirl of fire coming from it... but as it reached the marshmellows, it started to grow bigger and Honey bounced away. "A-AH, SHAY! Y-you don't need to make it that big!" Honey says with the marshmellows dropped... and I shook my head. "I... I'm sorry... My mind is on other things..." I said as I sat down... saying nothing. It was dead silent again.

"Hey... you were with Ashnae right? I... heard strange things." Honey suddenly said, my mood sinking yet again. "uhm... d-don't believe what the stories say." I immediately said in self defense. "Then... what happened? I know it's not an easy subject... but maybe lifting your heart would make you feel better?" She said to calm me down.

And so... I told her everything what I knew so far.

That was when I noticed... a hand, reaching towards me into the water, from above the surface. I grabbed it... and it slowly pulled me back up, things were slowly getting more clear again... but I had a way to go still.


Honey belongs to whirlawind 

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whirlawind Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Poor Shay, honey will be fine in sure they'll become friends after this event :) 
WwolfDublagens Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017
Great job x3
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