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Wyngro - A night to never forget (Int. Fire 3) by Anhrak Wyngro - A night to never forget (Int. Fire 3) by Anhrak

Cont. from:  Wyngro - The flame of two souls, forging one new by Anhrak

The beautiful day had come to an end... The two were back home again and the two of them changed. The night sky was slightly mesmerizing, it was perfect... Shay pulled Savannah and invited her over to sit outside for a while... just the two of them. Savannah gladly joined, and they sat down there. 

Shay grabbed a small bag with some floatwood disks left spare from magic class and, before he sat down, he pushed the disks into the water, letting them drift into the lake. Savannah was wondering what he was up to, before he sat beside Savannah, holding his arm around her. "Just watch..." Shay mumbles as he holds out his paw, each disk slowly starting to burn... creating a beautiful sea of floating lights.

The two were quiet for a long time, just enjoying the sight, but most importantly, enjoying each other. Shay noticed Savannah holding something... and took a curious look at it. Savannah noticed and sighed... before giving it... a pink, lotus-like flower... It was a Fertility Lotus... A flower uncommonly found, and if a female would give it to a male... it meant they wanted to have an egg with their partner if they returned the flower in reply. Shay held it in his claws... his heart racing, and looks at Savannah. "S-sav... y-you... are you sure...?" Shay stumbles in a whisper. All Savannah did was a gentle nod with a smile. Shay tried not to cry out of happiness, but couldn't help some tears slipping away. He held Savannah's claws gently and pushed the flower back into her claws and looked at her.

"...y-yes." he replied.

Breeding Prompt 3/3

Upgrades (Shay):
+ Medium Back Wings

Savannah belongs to Charliebug3 

2x Bust(-ish?) (2)
1x Background (1)

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