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I can't draw sadly, but this is a really nice project I want to spread words for ... :-)

I'm currently on vacation, being the first time in the United States and visiting Knoton and Cimar. We already had quite some fun but of course both are asking all the time about the next chapter for 'Chronicles' and 'Teach me'. 🙄

Good news: Already started with chapter 3x10, it's called 'The Mole' and the first few paragraphs are done. The rest of it is also planned ahead, so I just need some time and the right feeling of writing everything down. ;)

Teach me will continue after that, I will first finish all work on the Chronicles-chapter. It will stay a fluffy story with no particular end planned. But as it is just a simulation, the story/experience could end at any point.

Nevertheless it will still take a while for me to finish those, as my free time available for writing isn't that much right now.

Greetings from the Bun in Vancouver (WA) 😋🐰

Knoton13 Cimar-WildeHopps
Chapter 29 / 3x09 is finished and arrived at the editor. :)

Another short snippet, though, to bridge your waiting-time:

Sven was somewhat afraid to face Nick or Judy. The black rabbit secretly reproached his sister-in-law that his lovely wife was confused with her while staying alone in the apartment due to Nick and Judy enjoying a dumb baseball game. And he blamed himself for Nick’s condition because the fox saved Evelin when he couldn’t do it himself. Sven felt really sheep for his thoughts, knowing they were nonsense. As he didn’t want to bother his brave bunny with them, he just stood up from the edge of the bed, typing a quick message with his phone and walked over to his stout bunny who was carefully taking their kits on her arm.
As chapter 29 / 3x09 of Chronicles of Zootopia is nearly finished, I want to give you a short sneak-peek ...
Zootopia - Happy Judy 

Judy could barely keep her eyes open, sitting on the edge of the hospital bed and holding Nick’s paw for the last hour. She had a headache, and her chest was hurting again, but still, she wasn’t willing to let Nick alone for even a single minute.

“He will be asleep for the rest of the day, maybe you should go home and take some rest, too,” the nurse said to Judy while checking Nick’s vital signs. When the bunny didn’t react, the nurse sighed and left the room. After a few minutes, she returned and put her paw on Judy’s shoulder. “Here… this will be more comfortable” the young lioness smiled friendly when the overtired rabbit slowly turned her head and gave her a pillow. “Formally you aren’t allowed to sleep here, but practically…” she shrugged.

“Thank you,” Judy said quietly with a grateful smile and took the pillow. When the nurse switched off the light and left the room again, the gray rabbit put her pillow beside Nick’s and slowly crawled under his blanket. With her legs and arms carefully embracing his body, she buried her nose in his fur, and after less than a minute she was already deeply asleep.

Nobody noticed how the door handle was carefully pulled or when the door was opened just a small gap. Seeing both, the fox and the rabbit, being asleep, some mammal entered the room quietly, closing the door behind him again. His eyes were coal black, and his face mirrored the restrained hate. In his right paw, he had a scalpel. No more mind games, he would only cut both their throats while they were asleep. Playing games was beside talking too much one of the biggest weaknesses of most villains. Even his boss wanted to demonstrate how clever he was: Fooling around with the IT guys of the ZPD, physical torture for the Fox and mental one for the rabbit before eventually killing them, all while their friends and colleagues had to helplessly watch. He had no exact idea why his boss had planned all of this. But the room-intruder had some personal reasons to eliminate those cops – more than once he was humbled by them and they even thwarted his own plans several times. But this would end today. Just three more steps…

The complete chapter will be finished in a few days - stay tuned ;-)
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