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Behind the Flashes

Ok here it finally is. I'll tell you some things about this proyect and how it grew with time and the fun it was for me to do it. Specially because (as you can obviously notice) weights a lot. So if you don't have broadband, almost forget it. Or take a nap. In the meantime, you can read about it below.

"BEHIND THE FLASHES: Guybrush's Killing Spree"

Based on characters and situations from [link]

starring in alphabetical order...

* Credits for the DAtv news headers should go to *blackzer0 and myself.

It all started after the great feedback I got from my last flash proyect, Guybrush's Killing Spree. I love how that handmade little violent animation turned out, and how those little critters jumped and were smashed too. So, speaking of that flash movie by msn with *garazy he asked me why were the little beings being slained as they were. I obviously have no reason at all. There's always someone to be killed on these kind of "stick-figure-theater" movies. So I came out with the idea of doing an interview with the creatures so that they can explain themselves their version, and the people would see they're ok and that is was just a performance. The biggest spot here was that I had the brillant suggestion of making my best four online friends to do the creatures' voices. It sounds great at first, but it has its logistic issues. Each one of us were on a different country, even a on different continents. I'm in Argentina, ~crazylynx is in Canada, *garazy's in Australia, * nubui's in Germany, and *blackzer0 is in Lebannon. So I had to write a script, with colors and notes, and sent it to them. They recorded all their clips on their own, using the best they can get, all in different hardware/mics/rooms/etc. I recorded mine, of course, and begin designing the characters, backgrounds, several eyes, mouths, etc. When I got all their clips, I leveled them as good as I could, and begin the hard and long process of actually animate the thing. This was like a month ago. I did all the proper animation, layering, camera stuff on Toon Boom Studio v2 (what you can call the "video") then imported all to Flash MX 2004 and do all the audio editing, the overlays, layout, subtitles, preloader and stuff. I did several things in between, but always looking forward to finish this little big flash proyect.

It surely was a great learning. And my biggest flash proyect so far. I also want to sincerely thank my friends of the Fellowship of the Guybrush for their patience, dedication, and commitment to a simple and funny deviation, an idea I had, but that wouldn't be possible as we see it today if it wasn't for you. Thank you.
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lalitadolly's avatar
that was really awesome... :boogie: the most cute was the song at the end!!! puf puf puf :rofl:
authenticviva's avatar
the whole thing was real smooth
loved it.

gj voice actors too :P
Yoggington's avatar
Brilliant. Top class.

The little headers crack me up...the crickets...the german metaphors...and that song at the end was the cherry on top.
(One small glitch though, Garazy seems to disappear momentarily during the song.)

A fine example of how to do a co-lab properly.
anhdres's avatar
oh yes that glitch appeared later in flash postprocessing and at that time i didn't know how to reinsert that particular frame back. now it's lost. :'(

anyway, thank you for your generous feedback, glad you liked it!
clinomorphism's avatar
The similies were hilarious. Nice choice of ending music, by the way. Brilliant!
anhdres's avatar
RubbaNinja's avatar
It was interesting haha. Some aspects of it could have better, the art looked a little sloppy. The animation in the actual killing spree one was fairly well done though.
anhdres's avatar
thanks rubba! :)
PDG's avatar
Dear god I can't breathe! :rofl:

You are a GENIOUS! a f--king GENIOUS!

anhdres's avatar
:blush: Thank you very much. This one I didn't all by my own. I was lucky to have them helping me. :handshake:
DemonLog's avatar
LMAO, Oh, that was awesome AND helarious! I don't use acronyms much, but this deserved an acronym. Breaking out into a song at the end was compleatly unexpected, but helarious, ah god, this, I think, should be a "must see" for the entire DA community.
Ensomniac's avatar
wooooww.......... that was super interesting........ what an amazing achievment! they look like little ink blobs from somewhere unkown to man...... well yea.....Great Job!!!
anhdres's avatar
and interesting comment too. a nice way to see it. thanks! :D
Ensomniac's avatar
OK, I must confess, my nephew made the comment. We watched and laughed and laughed some more. Thanks for sharing. It truly is an entertaining, amusing and amazing accomplishment. Great job!!!
anhdres's avatar
hahah that's even better! i love it when little people want to comment! thanks for telling me.
prozac-dependency's avatar
:rofl: This was friggen hilariouse :clap:
anhdres's avatar
thanks! i'm happy new people still seeing it. :D
prozac-dependency's avatar
well you should be you did a really great job ^^
keiross's avatar

What a wicked idea! You rock man.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You nailed it as well :thumbsup:

And the song at the end!
anhdres's avatar
Thank you man, such an honor coming from the now official dA flash animator. :worship:
jaakobou's avatar
rightgeous :nod:

excellent collaboration of dA people .. and a great video
anhdres's avatar
yeah, it was a real "colab" work indeed. :handshake:
sahroe's avatar
Ohmygodthey'resinging. Why are they singing?? The chorus is particularly frightening. The butter line... weird. I love it. :XD:

Great flash, Anhdres. And now I have Madonna stuck in my head. :p
anhdres's avatar
I had to share that madonna-stuckness i got when making the flash. :D
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