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Ten Years on

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Man, where does the time go?

But yes, March 6th marks ten whole years since having joined that website.  It took a while before I got comfortable with posting in the forums, and it was that very fanbase that got me to dA some four years later.

I'd like to thank those there that helped me get this far, as well as the many who still visit dA after all this time!

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Congrats on ten years! :D
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Thanks!  I thought I recognized your username, because just like mine, it was also used on the BBS.  How are things?
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My username originated on the BBS and I've been using it everywhere on the internet ever since. Things are pretty good! Definitely can't complain. How have you been? (I'm looking at the number of mutual friends we have and wondering how we haven't crossed paths outside of SPS sooner.)
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I think we may have crossed paths on SPS at one time or another, but a lot of 'em have vanished over the years.  I miss seeing a lot of them around there, but it's cool to see a few of them still hanging in there.

Doing all right!  Just checking messages and thinking up new ideas for the site.  I even link most of what I put here into my art thread on SPS, just to keep it going.

Getting ready for a good weekend.  I'm expecting family over for an early birthday on Sunday; mine's on Monday.
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Everyone I keep in touch with these days, I see through other social media. Facebook, mostly.

Good to hear you've been doing well. It seems like a lot of the threads are pretty bare on SPS these days. I've been lurking more lately and things seem so quiet.

Happy early birthday! Enjoy your weekend! :D
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I do see the occasional person revisit, but others like BRMBug still hang in there.

Thanks!  And you enjoy your weekend as well.  :D
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Happy anniversary!

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Thanks!  :D  Hard to believe it's been that long, really, but it's sure been a lot of fun, and it still is!
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MartinsUsernameHobbyist General Artist
I can't believe the forum's been around for that long, but now that I think about it, it makes sense. Congrats by the way! :D
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Thanks, man!  :D
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SonicGMI-22Student Digital Artist
I was a kid
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I wasn't.  It just looked like a bit of a fun way to unwind after busy days, and after a while, I just had fun chatting with the people there, and I still do sometimes.
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xmilovHobbyist Digital Artist
10 years! Wow. I feel like a noob at SPS compared to you. Congratulations!
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:iconthaaaaaaanksplz:!!  :D

There were quite a few people on there that had come and gone since I started posting there.  I wonder what some of them are doing now?
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guitarsword15Hobbyist Writer
Congrats to your tenth! :clap:
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hey did you get the new south park stick of thruth game?
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Not yet.  I'm kind of waiting to get a little more cash before I can get to that.

Then, there's also the matter of HOW I want to play it.  I have a PS3, but I'd lean towards the Steam app.
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I'm surprised, myself.  It doesn't feel like it's been that long, tell you the truth.

I see your next few links, I'll have to get to those later tonight.  :)
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