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Red Shoes

By AngusD
A new year, a new image. ;)

Deluxe Sandals from SynfulMindz.
SteelCuffs from NaughtyMindz.
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© 2011 - 2021 AngusD
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just beautiful indeed
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Simply gorgeous work! Very simple, and so submissive. 
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Fantastic Art!!
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...and gorgeous babe :)
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this image is great in so many ways; from the sheer sexiness to the composition. Love it! Plus, that is simply one great ass!
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Amazing and beautiful!
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wow, what for a picture, great work, very realistic :bow:
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so nice and so perfect one !!!
What software(s) have you used to create that ?
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Thank you, all.

The mainwork did Poser 8. I did some color correction in PS.
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:clap: sexy and hot
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This is a perfect pin-up.
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