New comic pages! (26 to 30)

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Yeah, my cassette-futurism comic about a critter wandering in a giant mall in Occupied Canada is still going! Check it out for free!!

Keeping up with the monthly 5 pages, we're now at 30 pages up! And if you want to see next month's pages, they're exclusive to Patreon until next month, when they'll be released to all for free

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy~

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Hey I'm re-reading it from the beginning and I have to express how much I like eveything in it, from the character design to the ambiance to the lights and the pacing. Everything is so satisfying, without ever feeling easy or overly comfortable – I can't find the english word for "convenu".

Also, this sequence is black comedy gold

Thank you again for your beautiful and unforgettable work!