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You might remember me talking about a comic project a while ago. Well, the website for it is finally up! 10 pages are already there, with more to come as time goes.

It’s done in my spare time for free, so expect about 5 pages per month on average. If you’d like to see more updates, more frequently, I do have a patreon! If enough folks chip in, I might just be able to work less on commissions and spare more time for pages?

In any case, thank you for checking it out, hope you enjoy this passion project of mine :D

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russetwolf13's avatar
Intriguing, world building is looking great.

I find it funny that you're continue the long trend of giving future U.S. Army soldiers the H&K XM8, the vaporware gun.
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Love the website Design and the comic so far! Very Awesome bro!! :)
theATSthetic's avatar
yo this comic's world and art slaps hard
marios1999's avatar
ça a l'air super pour l'instant, bonne continuation pour le reste. :)
FriendshipIsHorses's avatar
Any chance it'll have an RSS feed in the future? Looks intriguing.
AngusBurgers's avatar

I'm a total boomer when it comes to websites. I don't know what that is.

FriendshipIsHorses's avatar
It's a thing that alerts people when new content gets posted to a website. If I were subscribed to your comic's theoretical RSS feed, every time a new page went up, a link to it would appear in my feed reader. It's a good way to keep track of the various webcomics I follow!
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Got caught up to the latest page; awesome art style! Love the heavy ink shading!
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