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March 2, 2009
"Everything I know about World War II, I learnt in 5 minutes from World War Two: Simple Version by ~AngusMcLeod Who better to explain epic global warfare than a group of anthropomorphic land masses? ~AngusMcLeod compensates the limited body movement of countries with over-the-top facial expression and clearly defined personalities. My favorite is Britain, that mustache is priceless! Not just slapstick, World War Two: Simple Version is genuinely educational, noting many of the defining moments in the war and keeping a brisk pace throughout."
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World War Two: Simple Version


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DISCLAIMER (August 2016)

As this comic is almost 8 years old, and I have grown and learned since 17 year-old me uploaded this comic, I have debated taking it down due to it no longer being how I would approach such a topic. It contains not only slurs and blatant mistakes, but also portrays it in a very American-European view. My intent at the time was to make a funny, quick comic with a very basic grasp of the whole conflict (at times, looking it up online to fill in the blanks, often with mistakes due to rushing). I was aware of the holocaust back then, but didn't know how to include it in, so I opted to not even mention it, which is wrong now, and was wrong back then. Not mentioning a whole genocide is, in my opinion, as bad as saying it didn't happen. I have chosen to keep this comic up, because ignoring and deleting it would be equal to pretending it never happened. 


This is World War Two explained in ANTHRO.


This is how I explain the major conflict of the last century.

P.S. the file is hueg
and if there are parts you can't read, I'll make a text available for download



I knew something was wrong when I logged in and saw 468 MESSAGES.

Also, World War One:…

And Cold War…
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Just commenting to say I read your new description. : ) I thought to myself, if it were me.... I would hope people would read it. So I just thought I would give you that acknowledgement.

But also wanted to say I'm glad you decided to leave this up, because I still think it's amazing. ^_^