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World War One: Simple Version

The Great War.

The War to End All Wars.

The War to Make the World Safe for Democracy.

Explained with countries beating the living hell out of each other.

Click here for WW2: [link]
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Educational and entertaining, the best way to go about it. I really like Britain's reaction, going from calmly sipping to tea to absolute raeg and donning his war-stache.

Also, the Treaty of Versailles was a load of crap.
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Aside from America didn't actually get chance to do much at all, really enjoyable strip though.
harryleung200411's avatar
Very funny and I love it
ComannderrX's avatar
makes sense to me!
epicjonny155's avatar
That's why world war 2 existed
Freezerboi's avatar
That was beautiful
dansskolan's avatar
I really love to share this for my 2 kids..Thanks for sharing this to us..
AngusBurgers's avatar
I suggest reading this along with historical sources as this comic is overly simplified and biased for the sake of "comedy". There are also slurs and swears throughout the comic so it might not be for everyone.
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As we go through schooling, first we get taught simplified versions that are not quite right. Later on, we get taught how the previous explanations are wrong, and this new explanation is right instead.

I'd have to say that this is a splendid base on which they can build. If you can make history funny and compelling to a kid, you're halfway there. Well done to you. :)
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Can I use this as a reference for whenever someone wants to talk about 'The peace to end all peaces?' At least for the Elementary aged and up?
AngusBurgers's avatar
I would suggest not relying on a comic made by a then-19-year-old me and putting effort into making a comprehensible yet well researched summary to avoid inaccuracies people have pointed out in the comments. This comic should be used as entertainment and not as a learning tool, unless you plan to correct the issues and inaccuracies it contains.
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*shrugs* Ok. If nothing else, can I at least say that this is funny in the way it simplifies history?
AngusBurgers's avatar
I guess. It's subjective.
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Austria-Hungary wanted to impose rule on Serbia, so gave an ultimatum to Serbia after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by Gavrillo Princip. Serbia actually accepted all but one of Austria's conditions (Which every other power in Europe, including Germany and Russia) thought was sufficient to avoid war. Austria, however, refused to accept Serbia's acceptance, and declared war.

Russia, which had a historic tie to the Slavic peoples in Serbia, issued a half-mobilization order for it's armed forces. Russia told Austria to cease hostilities with Serbia, and when Germany told Russia to cease mobilizations, Tzar Nicholas actually tried explaining it to his cousin, Kaiser Wilhelm, both of them expressing desires to remain at peace. They even signed their telegrams with "Nicky" and "Willy".

Unfortunately, German diplomats had other things in mind, and issued an ultimatum to Russia, stating that if Russia did not cease it's mobilization, Germany would mobilize against Russia. Russia didn't cease mobilization, and turned to France, which it had a treaty with. France, which wanted vengeance for the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, agreed wholeheartedly, and mobilized.

Austria sent troops into Serbia, Russia crashed into Germany and Austria, and Germany, wanted to fight a two-front war for as little time as possible, rapidly mobilized against France, choosing to march through Belgium to try to seize Paris as fast as possible. This enraged Great Britain, who had a treaty with Belgium, and Britain deployed it's army, the only professional army in Europe at the time.

The Ottoman Empire joined shortly after solely due to the war-hawkish actions of Enver Pasha, Italy joined the war in late 1915 to seize territory from Austria that it had claim to, Romania joined the war in September of 1916 after the massive Brusilov Summer Offensive shattered the Austro-Hungarian army for the time. The United States however waited until late 1917 after Germany began unrestricted U-Boat warfare for the second time, after Wilson had threatened war.

The United States WAS the reason the war ended when it did, since Britain and France had plans for 1919 offensives. Kaiser Wilhelm only agreed to abdicate because Woodrow Wilson had assured him that he, not the British or French, would be the one leading the peace talks. When Woodrow was given a minor role, THAT was when Germany got screwed over.

Sorry for the huge comment, but I am a Great War historian, so it makes me uncomfortable when the actual sequence of events isn't shown.
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That's it.

That's WWI.

Even the countries blaming Germany for the war was the technically the Treaty of Versailles.
JoeTheVenezuelan's avatar
Germany's face when US enters is PRICELESS XD
Oh my god. This is what I'm using to teach my kids about WW1. Thank you.
Stargazer22X's avatar
Fantastic, I'm sure I just learned something and now I can teach others. Great job.
ZX-Click's avatar
I caught that Monty Python reference.
JuneDelph's avatar
I LOVE the expressions here XD
TheGeekySqueaker's avatar
. . . WW1 wasnt funny, but holy shit this is hilarious! XD
Ziggyman's avatar
Simple. Too much simple indeed, but good for a first approach. Good job.
Taltharius's avatar
"Wooo, France. What are you going to do, pelt me with croissants? Bleed on me?"

That part cracks me up every time, :XD:
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