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Super Double Dragon

25 year-old SNES game I always wanted to draw fan art of, but young me knew his limits and never did.

Was also the only game I liked at my cousin's place, and every time I went to visit him, he wasn't there so I did beat this game a few dozen times. I rarely ever saw the pink 2P dude... :D
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The thumbnail for The Animated Series on Amazon uses the sword wielding enemy from here.

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Yeah someone showed me. Not like there's much I can do about it lol

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i always played as jimmy lee. oooh this game was and still is the shiiiznit
Hello there. How can I contact you? I need a DDragon fan art
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i love this game
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remind me the SNES game the double dragons  ...
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When people say "Double Dragon Neon," I immediately think of those bright outfits they wore in the SNES game.
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i love Heart  this game. Amazing art!!!!
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Super Double Dragon = The real Double Dragon IV.
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Double Dragon fanart! Instant winner!
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Real men fight wearing pink!! :iconpunchplz:
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Can't fight crime if you ain't cute!!
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That there is just a fine piece of work.
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