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Messy Car

This is from an alternative universe where Citroen Karin cars are the go-to cheap car everyone drives and people never got sick of gaudy 90s patterns.

Also Zellers stores didn't die for some reason
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I've seen messier contractors' trucks. The dashboard is just a mess of take-out containers, the food that was in those containers and receipts.
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lol used to work at junkyard found one of the those Garfields in a car, bet I could blow him out of the window at 350 yards on iron sights.  yeah got him oddly patched him up and stuck him in my car window somebody later stole him.   they liked him more than the crappy krako radio =p
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I endorse anything with Garfield in it.
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Man, I hate messy cars!
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this is brilliant! love the little details and attention to angle :nod:
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GaRfIeLd YoU LaZy cAt 
                                      -Jon Arbuckle
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LOL at the zellers bag. This is awesome! :D
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That 'Stuck on You' Garfield is a wonderful touch of 80s nostalgia. :3
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Great Excellent !
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With a pattern like that, you'll never know if a colored splotch is a stain or part of the original design.
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