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Dat Soldier

Small banner I made for that little thing that appears when you hover over a person's avatar on tumblr.

For my bloge:

Posting some small doodles from time to time, mainly funny pictures and text. Don't be a stranger!
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This makes me want an anime comedy taking place in World War 1/2
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There's a game called Valkyria Chronicles that comes pretty close.
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Yeah, I heard about that. But I was thinking along the lines of old World War comic strips you would see, but with anime characters and such.
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A dead kawaii soldier...
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All I know is that that means Ho in chinese and I'm not asian enough to know otherwise.
archaemic's avatar
It's 何 (nani)--it means "what" in Japanese.
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Ahhh yeah its that in Japanese too, but the way its written looks more like Chinese than Japanese for me but then again I'm dumb so who knows.
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Sgt. Senpai-san and Pvt. Kawaii-kun.
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really, the only thing i can say about this is "... dat soldier" xD
it's funny because everything looks so perfect and real and then this big pink eyes xD
AngusBurgers's avatar
Things that don't quite fit together sometimes mix perfectly!
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yeah, it looks awesome :D
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