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Chubbies building something on an improbable piece of land.
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Adventure time??????? :0
I guess M.C. Escher made the blueprints of that construction for them, eh?
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i thought i've seen almost everything... but this is awesome!!!! 
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My brain shorted-circuited. 
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Love the colors here! Nice work!
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They look like a bunch of little Skeletors.
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I know, right! I was halfway through coloring them and I realized oh no they're like shy guy skeletor smurfs, this is perfect.
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dat inking, and those awesome colors. Great job.
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haha xD they look adorable
What happened with the hood of that guy scratching his head and the crevice right next to him?
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it's behind the actual crevice.
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The fact there are things moving around on it hurts my brain more than it normally would.
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this is so fuck up, you fucked me up
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