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Something I noticed in MLP.

Had to point it out and doodle something. Feel free to use in forums, spread it around if you like.
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What is this I don't even...
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Can not Unseeeeee

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WAT is right.
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Cutie mark sums up my expression... WAT the way, CANT UNSEE
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I will never see this the same way again.
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Apple Jack is manliest pony.
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projecting boiling hot coffee out of your nose through laughter isnt fun, but this was worth it
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Now this is all I can see, thanks XD
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The pony's face reminds me of someone but I cannot for the life of me remember who. Some guy from before the seventies, I know that much.

But that's not the point! Not that there is one in the first place. But anyway, seriously, that has to be the manliest looking pony I've seen in my life. Which is refreshing.
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He's got a bit of a Clint Eastwood vibe to him, maybe that's who you're thinking of?
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Reintepreting silhouettes. Love it!
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This explains everything.
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Go ahead. Make my day.
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Good one!
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What is seen cannot be unseen. :3
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Manly as fuck.
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I declare that pony to be the best pony to ever live.
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It needs a name now
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