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kind of like an unearthed mummy. I am all half rotten and stuff. I think I need to change these bandages.

ah..hello. it's nice to be back, but my god these cobwebs! I will be cleaning up my gallery soon. If you fancy anything in it now is a good time to download.
My apologies to anyone who has dropped by and found me absent. To those who have been loyal friends throughout. I thank you. I have been in a tumult of sorts for the past couple of years. The tumult of course is not through, but I have found my way to a bit of driftwood which I can cling to. I realized after a while that I am incapable of doing everything I am asked. I try to be there for my friends, neighbors, strangers I meet..but then I noticed I was not paying attention to my own projects. Things have lapsed, and it was starting to get critical. I let several good opportunities pass to further my art, my writing, and my music. Being a Daddy is also a big job, and I have truly enjoyed it. Joji astounds me and I never grow tired of being with him. I feel sad when I dont get to see him. He is such a great person!

my music has taken some unexpected turns, since it has been one of the few avenues that I can still work on, usually long after everyone has gone to bed, when I am too tired to do anything else. I usually fall asleep mid-composition and wake up with headphone hair and a slobbery keyboard. you can now find my stuff on and as well as some more at for those of you who are interested.
as some of you may know I have been composing a soundtrack for my graphic novel Placebo 99. Which is fairly ambitious if you consider I dont know how to write music, or play an instrument. I use a program called fruity loops. it let's me compose, by ear, the music I hear in my head while I am writing, or painting and/or drawing panels for the graphic novel. Though lately I have really been into altering my compositions, and digitally breaking them, because they sound kind of cheesy to me. so some of it has been getting rather "experiMental" heavy on the mental.

poetry..well I haven't been writing it at all. sorry to those who were expecting a stash of revisions to be posted. I will write some. I do feel inspired to do so, but the words have not, as yet, coalesced. I will say my style has suffered a complete meltdown though. I note when I try to write poems lately, they are less lilty, and fluttery, and more like a cramp between your shoulder blades. I am not sure what has brought this change in vision, but well, I'll let you judge with the first few I post...when it happens. please be patient. I wish there were two of me..I have so many things going on at this moment, but at least they are all my things now.

though..I am still working on that grpahic novel with my friend Kiyan..we have both cooled on the project because other things took priority. with his permission I will post a few example pages here.

art. ah..thought I forgot didn't you? style has also changed..and it still seems to be transitioning at the moment. But the direction it's been taking has been catching even me by surprise. I cant wait to get some of my newer paintings finished so I can show them! I'm not saying I'm some sort of innovative guy or, not at all, I'm just really excited about the way I sort of fell into this way of painting! I dont know how well it will translate in photographs, but in person..well it knocks my socks off..and I wonder how the heck I did that. In the meantime I will be posting some of my photoshop experiments and maybe a couple of wallpapers from Pla©ebo 99.
and finally.
I love you my friends. I thank you everyone who has stopped by my page, faved my work..I really appreciate it. It has been a little difficult working in a bubble. I dont get too much critique on my work, though I daresay that will change. as I finish my work I will be soliciting galleries..finally. I have a body of work now that I can present in several different style markets. The abstract is still my favorite..and it is the most dominant, however, it is now mostly used for establishing the tone of the painting. I find I am covering up some of the tasty bits of texturing ( with much hestitation) that I love so much, so that I can offer a nice stable solid colour to play my composition on.'ll see. I wont say I do it every time. I am not into formulas..but I do it sometimes..and sometimes I just go crazy and let it all happen on its own...I love to paint. I will also be posting some sculptures soon....but I am still working on creating the finishes I envision. I have been using found objects and well, basically, garbage to make these. I have been thinking lately about how much we waste as a society. I dont like it.

I will also be posting some tutorials. like how I paint with crayons. (there are some caveats..and I am sorry Maggiekat if you are still on DA..I promised you this tutorial a long time ago). I have been forced to develop some form of cohesion when I do some of my art, simply because I had to demonstrate it for someone, so it made me look at how i do it, and I would like to share. if anyone is interested. I know this is like a novella now..sorry about that. it has been a long time. I have missed you my friends. But I will do my best to be at least a more stable presence online. I do not think I will ever have the time to go deviation hopping for awhile ( if ever..sorry about that) but I will make a lameass attempt at some can be sure.

those of you who have read this are indeed true friends or gluttons for punishment. I hereby sentence you to :hug: :kiss:
thank you for dropping by!
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