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well..not really. just trying to update a little. I will keep this account because of the wonderful comments I have on some of my work, from people whom I sorely miss and respect greatly.
I have been horrible about updating, replying, etc. I keep promising to turn over a new leaf, but instead it seems I just get busier. it has not been for nothing though. I have found myself becoming completely immersed in what I love most about life, that being art, and music..and of course Joji. who is very vocal about his demands..and that is mostly "DADDY DADDY DADDYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!"
so it's already August. I have survived Joji's second birthday. I will post perhaps one more deviation on this account, but on my new one..oh yeah:
I will be posting all of my new stuff. I dunno.. I might tie up some loose ends for this account, in terms of deviations. we'll see. in the meantime I will leave you with a tune I wrote for my son, it's called "Joji Let's Play!" see you soon!
If you would like to purchase prints of my art, I have an account at:imagekind
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