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dawns reflection golden
tiptoes to regret
finds in early darkness
the only quiet spot left
to plant a kiss of hope
yesterday's lesson
rictus veritas
mirror of intolerance
shade of disbelief
a million willing buddhas
would fade to nothing
just to wake you up

about the painting: one brush stroke, one polygon lasso, one little rectangle thingy. the rest is photoshop filter effects playing with the properties. one layer. I woke up this morning thinking about something along these lines. I have been in a weirdly abstract mood lately. the brink always seems to represent the unknown, the almighty change. something to be feared, and yet even though we know that the moment has arrived we somehow attempt a resistance to making the next step, until, as predicted, life throws us into the chaos which despite our misgiving, points us in a new direction of development. I started with an entirely different direction when I conceived this piece. I will post another variation of this at a later time.

about the music: it's only part of a fat beast that's about 8 minutes long at present. Geocities wont let me load any more than 5 I chopped an excerpt out. I dont have the secondary melody..or even..well so much more, so just regard it as a taste. Geocities also only allows 4.5 megs per hr if you can't download it..please try again later. ..or not..your choice. I have been working with making my computer think it's a guitar. I have been playing with harmonies and making beats from weirdly unpercussive things..although the zippo sound used in this piece is not altered too much from it's original wave form. the title is cheeky, but well, aren't ,most titles..if you think about it. I created this particular tune yesterday morning..and I am still tweaking and up the sounds etc. the full piece will be available when it is finished..I'll post a link in my journal.

about the's a work in progress. kind of "off-the-cuff" rambling while I was waking up this morning..doing the photoshop thing. feel free to lambaste as appropriate. I dont give the concept any great shakes at this time, but it seemed to tie in with the energy that created the tune and the I wrote it down. I have been having forecasting dreams lately and I wake up with names in my head... Maybe I should lay off the pizza before bedtime..or maybe I should eat more..."rictus veritas" is another tune I am working on..I will have to use another geocities account to post a little taste of that..if anyone is interested in a grimace of truth. ;) so..I have been out of practice writing. I have been writing, but it all sounds like screenwriting and camera angles..nothing truly articulate. I wonder if I am getting stale? stodgy? pudgy?...definitely pudgy. I need to go outside. so I'm through rambling. enjoy!
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Your words are wonderful and speak the image.