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I used a mosaic app to re-create another of my abstract pictures, then I added line enhancements via various "decorations" features in the apps. I dumped some of the colour information and added some random stuff to balance it out. pixlr express, photo editor, powercam, mosaicture lite. please consider donating to my indiegogo campaign (… ) and help me to get my vision back! Thank You!
(for those wondering about the title I have gotten into various charity programs three times over the last three years, each time is a lot of paperwork and a lot of waiting. each time for one reason or another I have been denied help for my situation, I dont give up hope, but sometimes it seems like being able to see again is a beautiful lie)

note: I have been away from deviantart for a long time due to life's tumultuous nature. I dont know how many people I used to know still frequent this site. I hope to reconnect with any who would like. I am currently going through a crisis and I am losing my sight. I have difficulty using the computer and text is difficult to read. I have been using free cell phone apps recently to make art for my society6 page and to offer as incentives to those who would donate to the campaign to help me pay for cataract surgery. As my vision is so bad you have a better idea of what this art looks like than I do. (DA Admins, if I am breaking any rules in posting my indiegogo campaign URL, please let me know. It is wholly unintentional if so. I honestly cannot read text easily at this point and I am desperate to find a way to correct the situation while I am still able.) I will be posting some of the other abstracts I have made. Most were on a cell phone with free apps ( because I am broke and homeless) some were done with GIMP. I hope to have the logistics worked out so I can ship prints to people who donate to my campaign. I am totally grateful for any help I receive. Just to be completely transparent, I am currently pursuing other options via, the Lion's Club, and several local hospitals. It's a lot of hoops to jump through, and it's tough for me to get around these days. sorry for the long description. But making art is like breathing for me, and I cant imagine not being able to do it any more.
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