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Babs Walking

Though Bruce is still Sad Bats over his parent's death even in his new #1, Babs couldn't be happier about getting her walk on.
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Great art,Great concept.
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Haters gonna hate. Very cool.
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Why many people hated that Idea?
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The excuse they give is "lack of crippled superheroes".

Which total bullshit. Professor Xavier is a prominent superhero that is also crippled.

Also, people tend to forget this, but Freddy Freeman is in a wheelchair when he's not Captain Marvel Jr.

That's two major supeheroes who are crippled.
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I like the idea.
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Professor X has been in AND out of a wheelchair for years.......
I don't recall ever hearing any kind of fuss over that.
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That's different.

When Stan Lee created Professor X, Stan envisioned Professor X being in a wheelchair.

That's the character's status quo. He was created as a cripple.

Thus, any times his legs heal, it's temprorary, and soon the status quo is restored by him being in a wheelchair again.

Batgirl was NOT envisioned as a cripple. Her being crippled is a retcon and a change to HER status quo. Her status quo is having working legs.
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I'm not happy with this. 
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"OK guys, it seems that we have gotten notice for being progressive, despite the fact that Frank Miller is still allowed to write female characters. How can we ruin this reputation of ours?"
"Well, let's see. Tell me a minority."
"Uh... The disabled?"
"Perfect. Who's the most famous disabled superhero?"
"That would be Barbara Gordon aka Oracle."
"Didn't Barbara use to be known as Batgirl?"
"Yeah, until the Joker shot her in The Killing Joke."
"Well, how can we use her to clearly offend the disabled?"
"Uh... give her her legs back?"
"Brilliant idea! Let's make her Batgirl again! Insult both the disabled and those with disabled friends!"
"Great! Hasn't she been disabled since 1988? 20 years of progression and back! Awesome!"
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I disagree. Ok so it may be lazy writing, but it dose sound rather inspiring actually.

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You were so spot on. It's not just offensive, it's just poor writing.
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they might as well gave her access to the Speed Force
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glad too see her back
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I first saw this on memebase with the caption HATERS GONNA HATE.
zomg i love this so hard.
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Exllcent and funny one here
Well done piece. :)

And yeah, while I can see why some folks got offended, with Oracle being a big development of disabled people in comics and all that...Babs would be happy to walk again.
Screw the haters. Babs coming back as Batgirl is the best news since Joel Schumacher was fired from making Batman movies!
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That's a "hater's gonna hate" walk.
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I can see Babs being over the moon about being able to walk again xD
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This just makes me think of, "Haters gonna hate"
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