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DBZ guys I fangirl over

I was bored. DON'T JUDGE ME.

I love Dragonball Z. No doubt about it. It was one of the first animes I ever got into. With that said, heres the four DBZ guys that I like and heres are my reasons;

1. Trunks
Oh come on. Do I REALLY need to explain this one? In my opinion, Trunks is the most attractive THING thats ever been drawn/animated. Well, male wise anyway. For the record, I like both versions of Trunks. Future and Present. I WILL say this though. I HATE what they did to Trunks in DBGT. If you've seen it, then you know why I rage...

2. Goku
Another fairly obvious one. When I was younger, while other kids had Superman/Batman/Spiderman as their hero, MY hero was Goku. He was everything that made a hero. Brave, strong, kind and gentle. He might be the strongest man in the universe, but is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. Sure, he can be an idiot sometimes, but that just makes him more attractive in my opinion. XD

3. Goten
I quite liked Goten when he was a kid. Though when I saw him as a teenager at the end of DBZ, I fell in love. XD Is it me, or did he get cuter? I honestly thought it was a good thing that he didn't keep the same hairstyle as his father. Do we really need more Goku clones? XD That said, Goten certainly grows into a handsome young man..and the less I say about his DBGT counterpart the better..

4. Jeice
Okay. This might surprise alot of people. I'll admit, I love the Ginyu Force. They are my favourite villains in the entire series. That being said, I had a thing for Jeice. He's definetely the best looking member of the force and, honestly, that Austrailian accent they gave him in the dub just made him hotter in my opinion. I just wish we saw more of him (and the Ginyu Force in general) in the series..

So yeah. Those are my favourite DBZ boys. Anyone surprised? XD
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I quite agree, I love them all!