HEY EVERYBODY!! Happy New Year!

Commissions are back up! I would LOVE to draw something for you! Whatever you'd like, however you'd like it! I start from an easy, simple 25 bucks for a single figure penciled image in digital format; on up to inked figures, colored figures, full pages - whatever you'd like. I am reasonable in my fees, and have a pretty fast turn-around time. If anyone is interested in ordering some made to order artwork, ready to print and frame, please get a hold of me at artofadamhuntley@gmail.com. Thanks, and I look forward to  hearing from you! 
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By angryrooster
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Deimos-RemusProfessional Digital Artist
Gonna email you shortly! Have a couple character pencil pieces in mind for ya! 
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Sounds great angryrooster - dropping you an email now.
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Does this price include commercial rights to the piece? If I commission an OC from you, can I use it as a cover for an ebook, for instance?
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angryroosterProfessional General Artist
Absolutely. All my commissions I give the customer all rights to do what ever they want with the piece, however they want to. Unless they commission a piece of one of my personal characters- Radgnar, Hammerfist, Etc. But basically, if it's your intellectual property it's a one time transaction and its yours from there on.