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Hey guys!

Any opinions on Live Streaming sites for art stuffs? I was trying to use Livestream but ..they just updated to a new different way of doing stuff and..I dunno..I didnt use the old one so i dont know if its better/worse but ..i really hate that they require people to sign up to view my stream...(or i have to pay a monthly fee so people can just watch w/o signing up)

I found the ORIGINAL Livestream site but im hesitant to start up there because i dont know if they plan on keeping it around?? PLS HALP!?  ..Do people use twitch to stream arts? Other options i keep getting are Ustream and JustinTV ..


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Yooo. I'm using JustinTV to stream. Works pretty dang good and they automatically do a timelapse of your streams.
They also contacted me for a parnership/feature, so they care about their artists. c:
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oh awesome! Thanks! :D
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I dunno, i know of a lot of ppl who still use the old Livestream.  :\
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yah thats what it looks like...i never used it before so i hadn't realized it was different haha...i might just try to sign up on that /shrugssssss