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There was an old woman...

...who lived in a shoe

another sketch blog piece :) probably my favorite so far.

very much inspired by miyazaki, specifically Howl's Moving Castle.


the blog: [link]
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The rest of the rhyme: 

"When she came back, 
They were a'lying dead,
She went to the wright,
To get them a coffin, 
When she came back, they were a'laying laughing 
She gaed up the stairs to ring the bell, 
But the bell-rope broke,
And down she fell!"
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such morbid...

is that actually part of the rhyme? 
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Like the first part wasn't? 

Yeah, it is 
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you're right...first part is pretty sad too haha
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coolest shoe I've ever seen
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thank you! make sure to check out the animated version :D if you are so inclined~
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my dream home!!!
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This is the kinda picture where I want to see a high-res version not because of the detail, but because of the details. I'm having fun looking around at all the little different things here and omg eye-strain. XD
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:D ...i think i got a higher res laying around here somewhere...i have a nice big print of it at home too <3 ..ill try to upload a larger one
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wewt omg yayyyyyyy
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Wonderfully evocative of fairy tales.
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Good job, there is one thing I've always wondered about this story. (Pause) where did that shoe come from and how does the owner feel about it?
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i think the old man built it for the old woman...and shes the owner now :)
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Congratulations on the DD! If anyone deserves it, it's you!
Watching this, listening to it, playing around with it... it just makes me feel so peaceful, at ease, and nostalgic!
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:D thanks! that means a glad you enjoyed it <3
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gorgeous... I love all the little animation too!
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ups that comment was intended for the animated version but you understand right xD'
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waaaaaaa! so cute and awesome and lovely and great art <3
what kind of program do you use for animations?
I only gat flash and I want to learn more about it do you know maybe some sort of tutorial site or a real good tutorial for stuff like this?
sorry to that I bothered you with dose questions.
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hehe thank you..the painting was done in photoshop, all animations were done in far as tutorials go..its just using movieclips and buttons really...the code is pretty can find a lot of information at places like [link] or just google whatever you need to know :)
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