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February 11, 2009
Village of the Bridge by *angrymikko is absolutely astounding in creation and design! A fantastic rendition of fantasy mixed with reality in this imaginative painting!
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Village of the Bridge

This was more than fun to me it was like a mini life in another place. I stacked in lots of stuff for the print I intend to make out of this. I hope you'll take some time to wander in this village of mine =)

EDIT: I'm lucky I managed to update this picture just recently before it got a DD.

Just wanted to let you know a little secret about my village. When painting this I invented a new font for the villagers that is used throughout the entire image. in the middle is a small platform with a sign with some light in it. In that sign it says:

"Do not jump! We care"

They're a friendly bunch =)
Thanks again to everybody.
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Candydoce's avatar
Holy crap, this is so gorgeous! I love your background paintings, I'm so jealous! I can barely draw a tree
Bad construction
PFCA's avatar
A town... suspended by extremely weak supports... shit! shit! shit! I'm having Blighttown PTSD!!! Dark Souls - Sir Alonne shake Katana 
TheTinfoilRat's avatar
This would work perfectly as a location in a 2D platform game! Really cool idea, I love it.
FatDogGames's avatar
would love to have it in a game :O amazing environment! 
sync85's avatar
Would love to live on that... +fav
AliceLocke's avatar
I always wondered what a village on a bridge would look like. Your village seems like a very nice place to live in :D
Brayanlonw's avatar
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somespookykid's avatar
Brillage of the Vridge
LeeM's avatar
Spectacular views, though I imagine the rents are sky-high.

Luckily I'm not afraid of heights, although I am afraid of falling - or to be more precise, I'm afraid of what happens when you reach the point where you can't fall any further.
VexusArzxis's avatar
One thing is for certain, I'm horrified of heights!!!!!!!!!

But this is just too alluring! A well made concept plus an awesome fantasy-like sight to see <3
BlueGlacier's avatar
At a loss of words on this one... Shocked 
lentpirls's avatar
bunnywithmonocle's avatar
I love this bridge!!! It's so cool! 
Zlorfness's avatar
That's a very cute bridge there.
ZeAwesomePelle's avatar
What's an original landscap 😶
KattardsArt's avatar
oh my god this is such an amazing idea! i just adore it.
ansdesign's avatar
Wow amazing work. Congrats on your well deserved DD. :clap:
H-Cullen's avatar
very awesome!!
oddly enough I've got an idea for a story that has a location like this!!
great picture!!
Aprendiz007's avatar
Did you ever read The Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino? Guess you'd like it.
AvalarianSpirit's avatar
Dude, this would be a good settlement for dragons with some sentient consciousness.
xXForestMist's avatar
This is such an original idea and so well executed! :happybounce: 
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