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Distorted Past

If painting feels scary to you try this: just fill up diffrently coloured boxes until the whole piece is full of them. Squint your eyes and if it’s leading you into some space or shape just make a few adjustments and go there :)

Try not to take this too seriously. I’m allowed to have fun with colours and so are you! \o/

Done with procreate.
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Reminds me of Sleeping Beauty.

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Great choice of royalty colors and contrast, simply amazing! ;)

Wow. Reminds me of Hendrix, but i think explanation would be too long, so i'll just say i love you the way i love Jimi :D (Big Grin)
Seriously, thank you very much for sharing your art
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Oh wow! This sounds like a fun and inspiring exercise to do, especially for when you may be art blocked. I love the amount of character there is in this kind of scene; great work :aww:
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I think it's great especially for those moments when drawing seems intimidating. You can think outside the box and then draw the box! (Mikko, these puns are the worst) Redrawing areas is easy because you're basically just moving squares around. But secretly under the hood what you're really doing is very fundamental compositioning and BAM it's  suddenly a drawing and you've been doing really high level drawing this entire time! The mind is afraid of failure but it's easily tricked like a sleepy dog that comes alive after hearing someone crinkle a plastic package. (this metaphor is going nowhere =( )
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These jokes are so bad that they're hilarious.
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Reminds me of Gazoprovod highway pass panorama
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Soo... are the wine bottles in this square Italy of yours cubes too? A square wine bottle would be amazing. I really need to do cubic still life someday. Lord I used to hate those XD
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Somehow... I'm confused now XD
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