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Dance With the Beast

By angrymikko
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I have a strict policy of not uploading old artwork. It's usually because I don't feel my old pieces represent my current skill level or I generally have changed as a person so much that they speak with a voice I don't recognize as my own anymore.

But there are always exceptions.

This was an album cover I did way back when I was still in art school.

I did this piece in black and white because I was requested to design something similar to "Ayla Classic" pieces.

When I stumbled upon this image today it still made me feel the dance within the image and that inspired me to post it finally online. I used dancing images as references and the whole thing was drawn in painter with a sumi-e brush.

I'm a huge fan of good dancing and I often cry like a baby when watching "so you think you can dance". (btw my favorite choreography is this [link] )

I can't dance even if my life depended on it. it sure doesn't stop me from doing this 24/7 though: :dance:
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I love it, final fantasy vibe to it
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I love how you depiced her passion in the dance.
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The flow in her dress and in her character is amazing!
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Beautiful, are you also an dancer? :D
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Beautiful work. And I'm with you on So You Think You Can Dance-- I bawl all the time on that show. Season 5 had some really emotional ones, like Gravity, If It Kills Me, and This Woman's Work. Holy, crap, did I bawl during that one...
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featured in my journal [link] ^^ thank you !
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Wow! Beautiful picture!!!
Can I ask you to draw a dance couple just like this picture?
It would be of much help for poster of my nonprofit dance school!
If you're interested please contact me on
Thank you!
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Beautiful, full of movement and grace :)
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Regardless, it's still a beautiful pice!
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The movement in this piece is beautiful. The wispy lines and organic shapes really add to the effect.
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Gorgeeeoooouuuuuss~~ >w< Instant fave.
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beautiful-beautiful-beautiful! I love this one :D
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Reminds me of some of the final fantasy emblems witht he gradients and brush strokes. Good job.
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komiasti liehuu.
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It doesn't matter if it's old, it's still beautiful! There's such a sense of flow and movement in it. I would kill to be able to draw like this. :)
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Somebody added this to their collection of photo manipulations. I don't know how anybody could see a drawing as a photo manip. Oh well...
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Also, this piece. Is the best.
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Oh dear. You have no idea how long it took for me to figure out what you meant. I was like who's the hell is syty and he has an album released? Whaaaat? Note this is pre-morning coffee brain speaking.
Thank you for the comment and I agree with the first part. *wobbles off to douse some coffee on himself* :coffeemachine: :coffeecup: :sleepy:
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Hey... no. Your piece is awesome.

Also, that show gives me shivers all the time.
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