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Bunny Heaven



We have a beautiful carpet in our living room. It's very bright green and has pieces of cloth sticking out of it like it's a lawn indoors. I've always wanted a fake lawn as a carpet so to me it's like a dream come true.

Why am I talking about some carpet here you ask? It was the inspiration to this image that I want to put on the wall as a huge print. The original size of this painting is 10 000x7000+ pixels at 600(!) dpi. It truly is a work of biblical proportions for my computer. I'm so glad that I didn't have to fight with crashes during the painting process.

At some point I thought about making a "logical" excuse for the size of the carrot and paint spaceship windows to it's side. But that would be mean why not let the bunnies have their one perfect day? (this was titled "The Most Beautiful Day" before posting) I wanted the bunnies to be still instead of running for the carrot because I can so clearly hear the big bunny say "Remember this day kids!" to the baby bunnies.

When I told my bf I was going to paint the yellow flowers for this image he joked about me painting all the petals individually with some 1 pixel brush. I naturally was horribly offended and told him not to mock my intelligence like I couldn't make a flower shaped brush for the whole damn thing...

...*Cut to me painting all the flower petals with one pixel brush to make them all look individual because I don't like to use too much pattern-like brushes* :o

I think that's enough dandelions for this year! Thank god for the music of Hideki Naganuma to help me make it through that ordeal. :boogie: I love love love his music! :love:

If you wanna see some recent bunnies of mine done with oil colours, then here's some bunnies in the night:[link]
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The freaking Giga Carrot in heaven they call it