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Your Original Character (Lineart)
Send 500 points my way and I'll draw your OC.

Examples above!

I will NOT draw your fan character.
Your Original Character (Full Color)
Send 1000 points my way and I'll draw your OC.

Examples above!

I will NOT draw your fan character.

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I feel like I don't read enough webcomics.

I also want to be more """involved""" in """the community""" :o

So post a link to (the first page of) your webcomic, and I'll read it before Dec 31st of this year, and tell you my thoughts :w00t:

It doesn't even have to be a complete webcomic. It can just be 1 page, if you want. As long as it has a speech bubble, I'll count it as a webcomic.

Also, If you are one of these webcomic-making people:


^Please let me know if you wanna be added, and what comic of yours you'd like me to read!


Rule 1: The webcomic has to be YOURS. Don't recommend me stuff made by some famous webcomic author. If someone's going to be a hermit up in their mountain somewhere, I don't really care what they have to say. I want to see cool art and also build relationships with artists.

Rule 2: One webcomic per username please. However, if you don't really make long form stories with recurring characters, this rule is flexible.

Rule 3. One username per slot. This rule is not so flexible.

Rule 4: There are only 100 slots. So as long as there are no repeats, I'll read 100 webcomics altogether

Lay it on me, daddy. Use me. :reading:

:flame: = Actually Started Reading
:flame::flame: = Review in Progress
:star: = Review Complete

Webcomic List
:star:1. Zenkyaku by shaunC 
:star:2. Chickamangu by MrRemoraman
:star:3. Oxygen by LeLumy 
:flame::flame:4. Toon Girls by Cloudcuckooman 
:flame::flame:5. Team Harmony by TheZackBurg
:star:6. Soul by EillaThePortalMaker
7. Virtrena by MrElementron-dA
:star:8. AuTalkz II by mdchan
9. Forest Spirits by Eveeka 
10. Villains from Captain Planet by Sternritter-Rex
11. The Latest Dream Raid by TheSurfingWaffleAH 
12. Millionscape by Buritsu
:star:13. Tommy Negi by mightybearrr
14. Moonlight Meeting by moonmute
15. Youpi the Cat by JekyllToons
16.The Last Straw by ChaseGinnOfficial
17. The Manor by Flameprincess04
18. Pineapple Comics by Gentex
19. Magic Advisor by missmagicgirl
21. Celestial Pulse by Vesenia
22. Beef Origins by fitnesstic4
23. Wine of Dreams by Obelis
24. Lost and Found by LostandFounding
25. Demon's Sight by FujiB13
26. The Great Guardian Ozriel by Summer-Peaches
:flame::flame:28. Spades by lallibear
29. Virus Invasion by Antooniverse
:flame:30.BananaVulture's comic
31. NOTEBLUE13's comic
32. thebadgerfoxdraws's comic
33. twisterfiendish's comic
34. 5thMeFish0204's comic
35. BoneMarrowBrother's comic
36. Comickpro's comic
37 erosarts's Crystal Knights
38. JJSponge120's comic
39. Oddly Vanilla
40. Legends of Valarurea
41. In the Red
42. Quantum Flux
43.Davicu's webcomic
44. Ben K Evans webcomic
45.Quantum Flux
46.Blue Life
47.The Spectacularly Satusfactor Sealman
:star:51. Without Moonlight by TantzAerine
:star:52. SurrealsVille by RobWhiteComics
:flame: 53. Fluffy 500 by IronHorseComics
:star:54. Court of Roses by Nintendonut1
:star:55. Dan the Snowman by ImBenvincible
:flame:56. The Trivial Tales of Luna Lesser by TrivialTales
57. Menagerie by EmvesaComics
:star:58. Turtleboy by TurtleBoyComics
59. Sasha Ruins Everything by Dachampster
:flame::flame:60. SqweegeeTPIC by MrCoinLaundry
61. ALED by Drachen
62. Lacking a Name by LackingaName-Comic
63. Linked by kabocha
64. Galebound by Respheal
65. Moonlight Apparition by DarkHalo4321
66. Zenchav by KhyatiX
67. Random Battles by JD_Benefield
68. Crow Summer by wishjacked
69.  by JoshuaSmeaton
70. Sometimes the Bad Guy by by_arde
71. Soul's Journey by SophiePF_
:flame:72. Cans of Beans by CansOfBeans
73.  by Delphina2K
:flame::flame:74. MB Comic by BrentRaptor
75.  by GravityBreakCat
76.  by BatichiKristen
77.  by ErinPtah
78.  by Revarien
79. Pets are People too by NicoleJarquin
80.  by VanessaSketch
81. Recollection City by Pencils_Stories
82. Fangs and Frights by YiHaComics
83. Werewulf by jeimsih
84. Unluckies by AnimeShen
85. James Wolfson by AuthorCCallahan
86. Next Town Over by SquidBunny
87.  by BobButterButt's friends
:flame::flame:88. Parasol by JimmyT_Art
89. Kindred Skies by CamillaBluebird
90. Ghost Junk Sickness by SpaceRockBun
91. Witches of the Evening
92. Kin and the Dragon by SherenDoodles
93. Vanishing Woods by WheresMyAle
94. MCML by starstarparty
:flame:95. Putrid Meat by Pit_Face1
:flame:96. Endlocke by Jeff Duvall
97.Thor Adventures by YamiArtio
98. Vulperraby SeeTheRabbit
:flame:99.Grapple Comic by Sketchmazoid
:flame:100. Bark and Tail




Hey I'm really sorry I haven't been updating as often. My plan was to upload 8 or 9 reviews every month, so that I could finish 100 reviews by December 31st, but February might be a 4 or a 5 review month.

I'm moving apartments in a country wherein I have to use my second language, and it's very confusing and stressful because I have to get all these papers from the city office, and I have to get papers for my boyfriend as well because we're moving in together.

My boyfriend is an actual citizen of Japan, so there's a set of papers that only apply to him, and I'm American, so there's a set of papers that only apply to me. On top of that, I've been working the same type of job for 4 years, and he's been working the same type of job for less than a month, so all the tax-related papers and income related papers also have different requirements. I'm just so discombobulated.

My boyfriend could do all this in 5 seconds, but he can't right now because he's at work from 8 AM until 8 PM, and the city office closes at 5PM, as does EVERY IMPORTANT BUILDING FOR SOME REASON, and my boyfriend hasn't accumulated any days off and I have. So it's up to me to get the right papers, and all of them, ASAP. And I'm STRESSED THE FUCK OUT because if I fuck this up I'm HOMELESS :DDDD

I know it seems glamorous from the outside but don't fucking move to Japan it's insanity.
My gallery is so full of other people's characters it's INSAAANE



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