REVISED RESULTS for 2007 Kiteboard Contest

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REVISED POLL RESULTS for Cardboards 2007 Kiteboard Design Contest…

Turns out I missed a few votes(cut and paste failed me). Below are the revised results. Following entries were affected 2, 40, 65, 77, 83, 138, 148, 152, 153, 162, 167, 170, 174, 182, 185, 191, 201, 203.

AMAZING: revised count gave a tie for first. Lorenzo and Jurand.
I particularly want to congratulate Lorenzo who has taken out 5 of the top 9 places...


1st with 13 votes - each winning a kiteboard
184. Released by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
77. Zero Board by jurand bottom by :iconjurand:

3rd with 10 votes
2. :thumb57407061: by :iconsjouke:

4th with 7 votes
42. Tangerine Twist Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
171. Kiteboard indian by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:
186. Rock this freaking world by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:

7th with 6 votes
172. Just give it a shot by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:

8th with 5 votes
43. Tentacles by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconbiggsff:
165. KING OF THE AIR by Lorenzq by :iconlorenzq:

10th with 4 votes
103. :thumb59825172: by :iconrelic-57:
106. :thumb59848135: by :iconroyks:
138. :thumb59991237: by :icongreedyandy:
182. Sei Ho Kei -  Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
201. :thumb61811601: by :iconfaitherix:

15th with 3 votes
6. :thumb58875083: by :icondoctorshark:
44. The Ashen Wyrm by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconskysealer:
53. CarboardDesign by Pasternak by :iconpasternak:
63. the kite dragon by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icontheumbrella:
116. Black - Red kiteboard by Viltorinox by :iconviltorinox:
130. Blazing Sun by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
139. Swirling Seas by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
153. Kiteboard entry- Wave Runner by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
159. NeverMind Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
162. :thumb60456041: by :icontheartofsin:
167. Kiteboard Contest Entry by Hallaserke by :iconhallaserke:
170. Kiteboard Contest Entry II by Hallaserke by :iconhallaserke:
185. :thumb61226785: by :iconorangeplusgrey:
196. :thumb61513439: by :iconospreydaunchaotic:
210. Cardboards Contest Entry Two by davelancel by :icondavelancel:

30th with 2 votes
1. Big Face by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconangrykoaladownunder:
17. EYECC CUBEZ by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconjavisco:
40. Que chuuuuuuu Ver 2 0 by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconevil-daza:
59. Ode to Bonnaroo by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconshaadocroe:
65. Genocide by foorked1 by :iconfoorked1:
66. :thumb57974701: by :iconpaxloc:
68. Listen Ver.2 Kite Board Design by mobbsquad by :iconmobbsquad:
81. messy orange by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
94. Entry - Sword and Sorcery by Thrakks by :iconthrakks:
95. butterfly2 board2 by lerhone by :iconlerhone:
111. :thumb59792015: by :iconsorrowangel:
112. :thumb60907078: by :iconshadowpride:
115. :thumb59880947: by :iconrelic-57:
128. CB Kiteboard 07 Entry No.3 New by adycreations by :iconadycreations:
131. CB Kiteboard 07 Entry No.2 New by adycreations by :iconadycreations:
132. :thumb59923285: by :icongreedyandy:
137. :thumb59991203: by :icongreedyandy:
143. Greens by XPepper by :iconxpepper:
146. Shimmering Sea by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
148. li by lerhone by :iconlerhone:
174. Cataclysm Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
178. Kiteboard Contast Entry II by jvillar by :iconjvillar:
181. Big Boy Sports - Kite Board by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
183. :thumb61142980: by :iconwebbaxis:
191. Night And Day by jurand by :iconjurand:
206. :thumb61946576: by :iconfaitherix:

56th with 1 vote
18. Fiery field of vision  green by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconarchizero:
33. nasty 2 by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconashworkzz: nomination
45. The Birth of a Goddess by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icongoor:
50. untitled6 by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconandre420: nomination
51. Wartron by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icons29feb: nomination
52. wretle girls wp by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconshayeragal: nomination
54. Abstract No  A02 by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icondenniscmhmy:
57. DOMINI by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :icongreenarmani:
64. WALNUT by AngryKoalaDownUnder by :iconemreturhal:
67. Angry Koala by foorked1 by :iconfoorked1:
69. :thumb58337971: by :iconpaxloc:
70. :thumb58522998: by :iconpaxloc:
71. :thumb58539729: by :icondoctorshark:
73. :thumb58760696: by :iconpaxloc:
80. b-natural by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
82. mplant by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
83. oranged by ilustraio by :iconilustraio:
86. MESS BOARD by MolefaceNZ by :iconmolefacenz:
96. Entry for Cardboards Contest by CoRE-Online by :iconcore-online:
97. Burning Sky - KiteBoard Design by FlamingMushroom by :iconflamingmushroom:
100. :thumb59815615: by :iconghost-001-:
110. :thumb59863173: by :iconrelic-57:
113. :thumb59873063: by :iconrelic-57:
114. by :iconmysticmorning:
117. Green Effect kiteboard by Viltorinox by :iconviltorinox:
121. Kiteboard Design 3 by anditflewaway by :iconanditflewaway:
123. Darkflame-Kiteboard by JesterGirlsHere by :iconjestergirlshere:
127. :thumb59913204: by :iconshadowpride:
129. Bright Idea by Mickey-Mouse by :iconmickey-mouse:
141. :thumb60037537: by :iconmr-buggy:
149. the other side1 by lerhone by :iconlerhone:
150. board - Oldschool Impression 1 by B3Ns by :iconb3ns:
152. CB Kiteboard Entry No.3 New by adycreations by :iconadycreations:
154. Kiteboard entry-Resident Chaos by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
158. Kiteboard entry- Blaze Faze by scionjon by :iconscionjon:
161. :thumb60455848: by :icontheartofsin:
163. :thumb60456987: by :icontheartofsin:
168. Bang - Kiteboard Design by queedo by :iconqueedo:
169. Sketch - Kiteboard Design by queedo by :iconqueedo:
173. Kiteboard Contest Entry by jvillar by :iconjvillar:
176. Point Kiteboard by WiseWanderer by :iconwisewanderer:
180. :thumb60938153: by :iconmunyuksaraph:
187. :thumb61260403: by :icontwenty4e:
188. :thumb61261906: by :icontwenty4e:
190. :thumb61266353: by :icontwenty4e:
195. Surfin' on Mars by Quincula by :iconquincula:
197. :thumb61513256: by :iconospreydaunchaotic:
203. :thumb61893905: by :iconfaitherix:
204. KiteBoard Entry by alkoreiel by :iconalkoreiel:

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Mickey-Mouse's avatar
That's better. You had me wondering if I'd miscounted the top votes. I was just considering going back and checking. So do both of the top guys get a first prize?
AngryKoalaDownUnder's avatar
YEP - actually decided they both deserved a board even before it turned out to be a tie.

Both designs we really like, they kitesurfers also clearly liked these two designs, and to top it all of, they are both kiters.

so will now each get a terrific kiteboard with their own design :)

I'm thinking they will want to be careful with kiting not to scratch the boards ;)

baba49's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners :clap: Great contest, great submissions :clap: