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When Angels Wept Blood cover

Coming soon from Lake Fossil Press...

Robert Baupader's When Angels Wept Blood
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That is not Robert Baupder's title. That one is Nickolaus Pacione's evangelical urban fantasy story.  It was the first story where he introduced Evangelical Christians.   You just took the cover from a homosexual men's underwear cover and slapped Baupauder's name on it.   I saw When Angels Wept Blood as Nick published it with the pages of his third collection.
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I think you put Baupader's byline on my novella. He didn't write this novella and I don't know where you managed to get the novella from to "publish" it under the faceless shithead's name. I never took a loan out on my company or anything like that so I think you're going under false pretenses and shit like that. I will make this shit come to light when is live. I am in the midst of creating all the graphics and all of that for the imprint -- so with that, stop with this facade of calling yourself the motherfucking editor when you're not you asshole.
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Yes!!!!! My first ever story!!!! Thank your for taking a chance with me!