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Clash of Angels

The LONG LONG LONG awaited commission has finally been completed. Hank commissioned me to draw 2 original characters for him at Onicon 2009. It is an epic battle of 2 angels (one in a Valkyrie style and the other a more gothic/lolita look). Very creative :) This took a long time due to the fact he wanted this drawn on paper with pencil which I don't mess that that medium too often due to issues with my scanner (whom is possessed by some kind of evil printer demon).

here was my previous WIP - [link]

Anyways, here ya go bud! i hope its worth the wait. send me your email so I can mail this to ya!

mechanical pencil + paintoolSAI +PS7 for textures

it's been a while since I have posted anything new. A lot of stuff just seems to be IN PROGRESS at the moment.
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omg!! so beautiful its astounding! I'm blown away!! :clap: :worship:
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OMG that's soo pwetty realy niice work
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This picture is great!!!!!!!! but its so sad too!:sadangel:
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They seem like sisters who both picked different sides and now lead different paths and now have to face each other in a fierce battle...
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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lol yesssssssssss :)
No you didn't bitch. You copied it from me.
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I should repeat my prevuios comment seeing this piece. Awesome ;)
susuki-san15's avatar
Which is good and which is evil?
angryangryasian's avatar
it's up to you :P lol
susuki-san15's avatar
I think it's the warior.
XxcookievampxX's avatar
this almost reminds me of something I saw once but I cant put my finger on it right now :/ oh wel! that my prob nice pic ^^ I gunna fav it
Azure-cresent-sun's avatar
this is really cool no flaws :)
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Excellent composition!
SSJ4GundamWingGoku's avatar
i know i havent been on for like ever but i would like to say you are still just as amazing i this is a great work of art kudos man kudos
angryangryasian's avatar
awesome! thanks a lot and welcome back!
SSJ4GundamWingGoku's avatar
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sweet composition
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o wow, as lovely as your lines are, your colours add a LOT~!
Epic is the word .. again~!
angryangryasian's avatar
awww thanks! i am honored to have epic attached to my work! *again lol
angryangryasian's avatar
hahhaah thanks mike :)
EvilSasuke2007's avatar
anytime Buddy~ and plus.. that comic panel number 15...i laughed on the MGS reference xD
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The detail is amazing as always! I absolutely love the armoured angel. Her armour is really amazing and I love the way you did her wings. And for the fallen angel I love the way you paid attention to the gothic lolita detail of her clothing. You can see the frills and lace and ribbons and that is what makes it even MORE amazing. You always put so much effort into your work and it always pays off. Beautiful artwork David.
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