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Again Cosplay or a real vamp. Anyway I picked a photo off deviant try to find it and tell me what you think.
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Any it's really good :)
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Oh my God , this is AMAZING !
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Your AMAZING work has been featured in my "Vampires" article [link] :love:
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This is very well done !
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You have no idea how much that means to me, coming from you.
Thanks a lot.
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omg, that is friggin insane. i dont know what else to say, just brilliant. good work
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Thanks bro, I had an insane day today. Would you believe that I started and finished Vampire and Bunny Girl today. Truth! It was a insanly good day.
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thats insane. very impressive. that vampire one was so awesome it gave me goosebumps. yeah im not a very good artist but im one hell of a poet though. i added you to my deviant watch
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Thanks man, I really appreciate it.
I saw your poetry it's not bad, not bad at all. Oh and what you said about not being an artist, that's crap son. I would say your not an illustrator or painter, but your definatly an artist.
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thanx. im glad to know that there's people out there that enjoy my work. i also right novels and short stories. im a huge comic book fan
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Heard that!! I'm writting two books myself, with minimal success. I'm also a Frank Frazzeta, Gery Horn, Frank Cho, Micheal Turnner (R.I.P) and a Stjepan Sejic fan.
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yeah. its good to be talking to people like myself. what kind of stuff do you write.
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Well if you take a look at Bad Phlanx Bad Drop It! you'll get an idea. I'm working on a triple saga that is mainly about the dog creature, and it's called a Phlanx. What about you?
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