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White Blood Stables Information

My dA Will:new: 3/27/18 - Just included some slight updates!
This journal is now featured on my front page under the section "White Blood Stables Information" for quick access if needed.
Since I have been a driver I don't even know how many times people have almost hit me or merged into me on the freeway, and just the other day Huck almost kicked me square in the face and I would have probably died had he met his mark. Not to mention all of my other run ins with injuries via horse previously. My point is, you never know what could happen. And in the event that I do suffer an untimely death, I want to know that my friends will find comfort in benefiting from my horses and that I will be able to give them something as a sort of will. I am sure that if I were to have an untimely death, that Cynthia or Jessica would let you guys know since they are my friends on Facebook and would be informed with people probably writing about me on my wall as people often do in such circumstances as I've witnessed.

Location: Pangaea Isles (fictional)
Current Focus: Thoroughbreds
Current Secondary Focus: Georgian Grandes

Shows Entered: 341
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Disqualified or Entry Didn't Run in Show: 2 (taken from above number)
Show Entries That Need Shows: 1 (taken from above number)
Shows Run/Judged: 321 (taken from above number)

Grand Champion Titles: 6
Reserve Champion Titles: 2
Judges Choice Titles: 1
Runner Up Titles: 11

1st Places: 99 ~ 2nd Places: 80 ~ 3rd Places: 48
71% Success rate
Current up to this show entry:

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My Lovelies
If I were that cat, my lovelies would be that stuffed animal :meow:
And these are my lovelies :>

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ZombieOverLoad 100 :points:, headshot of Player
frostwalkers one uncommon Carniquine/Felsteed import
SagaNight needs to post Huck breed pic, they design foal

:pointr:Breeding to PD Handdown Hancock…
:pointr:Free breeding with any Hickory Ridge Farm Horse
:pointr:Free horse advertisment (donated by Stock-Horse-Champs)
:pointr:Free full body w/ background training picture (donated by SKS-Ozark-Mustangs)
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-9 adoptables
-full body picture of WBS Sterling Flight angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-full body picture of WBS Lady Lizzy angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-full body picture of The Black Angel angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-full body picture of To Sell A Soul angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…

Horses-Echo / Neon-Teardrops
-16 :points:
-full body picture off me (I dont know what that means)
-portrait of WBS Praying For Thunder angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-12 month feature on her page
-personalized rug
-Free breeding with any of the FWEC horses
-6 free horse designs
-a mystery gift
-Rosette for WBS The Gorgous Letdown
-Rosette for WBS Overlooked Beauty
-Headshot of WBS The Gorgous Letdown with the rosette, digital
-Headshot of WBS Overlooked Beauty with the rosette, digital
- 2 simple personalized rugs

1st place trophy with the name of your horse and rider, a ribbon, a fullbody pic of your horse with ribbon
Head shot of winning horse

-1 foal between angry-horse-for-life.deviantar… and…
-1 breeding

Things I owe People:
-Simple full body w/simple bg and color art trade -cat
-Breeding Pic Kota + Foals
-1 Suminaquine Horse Breeding Pair

50 Kaaring devided between 9282 SES Skull Crusher and A1291 SES Urutu

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FEC That's How I Roan by Deyara FEC Craving Faith by Deyara ALE Wicked Alternative by ArsenicLaced-Estate Alabai by horselady36501 Reserve Now! by RhinestoneRidge Rustic Rose by AvocetsStables Auschwiz by InsomnieVargho Playin up Liver by WickerWolfArt 047 Bid Thee Farewell by StupidZombieProd Give Us A Smile (Breedable) by TH-97Adopts El Diablo by milomering Boom and Flash stallion AD by AniaJag Hard To Love by DarkNFallen88 I just can't take my eyes off you by DarkNFallen88 Just once more  *Winner* by naomithewolf Redcliffs Gentleman by Crockori:thumb345802912: Drummer- Super by daphidil8 WMS Chico's Dun It ~ SUPER HORSE!! :D by Starcather9 Blue Reference Sheet by DaisyDukeDandie 564 Askera Suisei Kisaragi by Karavella-Sanya FSS TwIsTeD MoRtIcIaN by WickedCritterzz SS-T | Not So Slick by HorsesRunninByMe

Creme Brulee by horselady36501x WBS Hustlin Dix Nightly *SOLD* by angry-horse-for-life
SK Greece Diamond by angry-horse-for-lifex FEC Like A G6 by Deyara
Jack by Percyvellex WBS Praying For Thunder by angry-horse-for-life
SSR Heeza Ladies Man by TimberLakeLaneECx WBS Temptress by angry-horse-for-life
WBS Mining For Gold by angry-horse-for-lifex WWC Rocky Shale by rosie756 Perlino Splash Ee/Aa/CrCr/SplSpl
WMS Chico's Dun It - BotB 305 Points by Starcather9x WBS Kiss Me Halfway by angry-horse-for-life
WBS Realities Greatest Truth *DECEASED* by angry-horse-for-lifex
050 | WBS Gold Dust by angry-horse-for-lifex 061 tss Dracarys by Rantora head shot bp
smokinintheboysroom SOLD by naomithewolfx once in a blue moon by naomithewolf they do bp I design foal from Here

FUTURE RESERVATIONS: (previously discussed through comments on their reff, need to note owner)
Gentle Presence by SolinaBright Breeding Rules
RMS Smoke N Gun by theRyanna
CRF Yabissa Yamm**** by Ready-Or-Not Breeding Rules
Shifa' Rafidah by decors Breeding Rules
Malevolent Daemon Standing At Stud! by CyrillicConsortium
CUC Saqqara by CubanacanWarmbloods
One Hot Chipotle by Hazel-rah
TLEC Saleem Rabah* by TimberLakeLaneEC… 2 Free Breedings to any of these stallions via 1st at 2016 TS Holy Bull


Plushie YHH *Now w/Accessories! by angry-horse-for-life Purchase this plushie here! You can only purchase one at a time with this method, so for bulk orders please comment on the image with links to who you'd like done and I will make you a custom widget.
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Looking YHH by angry-horse-for-life
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4th of July YHH's ? 

19 deviants said Yes! :la:
12 deviants said No. It's too late for that spit :stare:

My Characters Need Love...

Journal Entry: Sun May 20, 2018, 2:27 PM

Dallas Jakson by angry-horse-for-life Dallas Jackson (Shapeshifter x Werewolf) - will not age past 30 | Seeking Man
Moral Support by angry-horse-for-life Riding The Wind by angry-horse-for-life Taking It Easy Then Letting It Loose by angry-horse-for-life Pre-Race Chat by angry-horse-for-life Dubai Prep by angry-horse-for-life
Dallas is my #1 concern at this point. I was literally kept awake the other night just thinking in my head about how I want her to have a baby so bad. That's how you know you are too invested in your characters :roll:
I thought about having her just get a sperm donor and having a baby that way because a relationship with her would be difficult. This may still be the outcome, but why not try dating first?
The issue with Dallas is that she is VERY committed to her work. Therefore, finding time for a boyfriend (let alone one that wouldn't live on Pangaea Isles) could prove immensely difficult. However, I want to try my hand at it. She has trust issues with men due to her father, and never wants to feel like she isn't in power again. So like I said, she will be difficult but I want to give it a go. Finding someone that is easy going, knows how to have fun and relieve stress/tension, and has similar interests (or even works in the racing industry) would be preferred, and even finding another Were or Shifter as a mate is a huge bonus since outliving your partner is super depressing (though she could settle for a human, who knows). She has never dated before, but there comes a time in every womans life when they want to try.

Abhijat Devar by angry-horse-for-life Abhijat Devar (Human) - 31 | Seeking Woman
Ghost at Arlington Million by angry-horse-for-life Ghost at Broomstick Derby by angry-horse-for-life The Win Of The Century by angry-horse-for-life Fellie at BCC by angry-horse-for-life Fellie in Japan by angry-horse-for-life Epsom Beauty by angry-horse-for-life
Abhijat has always had a bit of a friendly crush on Dallas as they work closely together constantly. However, he knows nothing will ever happen and has come to terms that they will always be family figures. He's okay with that and is ready to find someone to love. He is WBS's top jockey and finding someone who loves horses and will support his dangerous job as a jockey is important to him.

Easy Breezy by angry-horse-for-life Mike Bradley (Human) - mid 20's | Seeking Woman
What Are Racing Manners by angry-horse-for-life Antichrists Maiden by angry-horse-for-life The King and Queens Race by angry-horse-for-life Racing In Paris by angry-horse-for-life Isn't It Insane... by angry-horse-for-life
Mike has always had a bit of a temper and been an adrenaline junkie. He was put on WBS's meanest, fastest horses and handled them with ease. It wasn't until Beelz took her fall that he suffered major injuries that left him paralyzed. He is now wheelchair bound (he can still "preform," ladies, he just can't move his legs). This disability paired with his deep rooted hate for his paralysis may prove fining love difficult, but who wouldn't love a love story like that?


I'm leaving for camping today, I will be back Sunday :aww:
So things have been very crazy these past few weeks. My parents were supposed to leave for a vacation for their 20th anniversary, but had to go to Oklahoma instead because my fathers dad was passing away. So they were able to visit with him before he passed, and were at the funeral, etc. They were gone for two weeks and just came back late last night.

While they were gone, I had to take Denver to the ER. I just got back from the doctors and let her in to feed her and she was completely lethargic, barely holding her head up. She was foaming and drooling at the mouth, her eyes were draining fluid and her legs began to shake then she just collapsed and was panting heavily. I checked her gums and they were white. So I rushed her to emergency and the docs said she had went into anaphylactic shock (a life-threatening allergic reaction). The most likely cause was a bug bite or sting, so they gave her a muscle injection, fluids, and did blood work and an ultrasound. Her liver was enlarged because of the allergic reaction and her blood results were awful, everything was at twice or more the level it should have been. She was able to come home with me and I just have to give her benadryl for the next few days, but she is much better now.

I was able to get a friend of mine to come over and help me with yard work so the place looked nice before mom and dad got home. But it was a whole ordeal of canceling and rescheduling and waking up super early with 4 hours of sleep to see if that day would work in the morning, and having to reschedule and just yuck. But it is finally done and it looks great, mom and dad were very surprised and happy!

So back to my doctors appointment, ever since my horse accident I have had a ganglion cyst that keeps appearing in my right wrist (going on 3 years now I think?) and when it comes it is very painful and makes things like drawing, writing, driving, push ups, anything to deal with my wrist very difficult (I've become a great left-handed driver in the process!). It eventually pops and comes back, so I want to have surgery to have it removed and have the injury sewn up, etc. So the doctor wants to get my wrist scanned where they put dye in my wrist via needle and scan it to see where the injury is exactly then the following appointment will be surgery to have that removed. This whole process will take over a month so we shall see how that goes.

But just giving you guys an update, there is always something going on, and I haven't been super active so I just wanted to let you guys know why.
I can't explain why, but for the past two weeks I have been SO happy. Having major depression going on 11 years now, this is incredible to me. I don't know why I am so happy but I hope it keeps going <333
Have you seen this Zebra K.O. the Wildebeest? :o
(at 3:44)


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