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Expect an influx of barbarian pieces coming soon. Gonna power through a marathon of hulking body portraits for a project I have in mind.  ;)

And as always , I am always available for commissions, as usual, free of charge. Just message me with your request.
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Welp, I am finally getting a move on one many pieces I have started but had yet to finish, expect new art soon.
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Okay, my little spot here on DA is gathering dust and cobwebs. really busy with work. But, to any who might care - [New Stuff Coming Soon!]


For the love of the gods, please send requests. I am in a slump and am burning for something to do but have no ideas. Even if it's some bizarre, totally weird thing that you will only send to me just to see if I have to balls to do it, I don't care.

Alls I know is my left hand is shriveling into oblivion.
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To any and all interested; I am always looking for new ideas and welcome "commissions" from anybody. I am trying, right now, to bolster my gallery and the few pieces that I'm working on are going to take little while so I would like what ever side-project you can offer as a way to take a break from my own stuff every once and a while. I don't charge, I accept the idea for the art as compensation.

Contact me through deviant messages or through my e-mail.