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Guilded Age Guest Comic

<edit> I removed some of the shitty speech bubbles in part two because they weren't really necessary and putting them in felt so wrong. Updated version contains 5% more Chibixgunner art. You're welcome. </edit>


This here's a guest comic for I collaborated with the WONDERFUL AND SUPREMELY TALENTED ~ChibixGunner to do. We're most likely too late to be featured on the site but WHO CARES LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS. The last part, at least.

The webcomic is currently changing artists, because the amazing Erica is going on to do vidja gaem art. Who is taking her place? NOBODY KNOWS. The characters could end up looking like anything.

They could end up looking kawaii.

The horror.

Seriously LOOK AT THAT LAST SECTION OMG I laughed for, like, an hour and a half when I first saw it. It's amazing on so many levels.

Also if you don't read Guilded Age what the fuck is your deal? Seriously. Fix that shit: [link]

Script and all the shit bits: :iconangry-buddha-88:
All the good bits: :iconchibixgunner:
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Guilded Age, motherfucker. Do you read it?
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Don't you give me none of that lip! I began reading it when it had just begun, you pipsqueak!
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Me too, brother. Me too.
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