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IT'S OVER NINE THOUUUSAAAAAAAAAAAND!!! by Angry-buddha-88 IT'S OVER NINE THOUUUSAAAAAAAAAAAND!!! :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 2 0 AatR Alternate Costume: Beach Fun Phi by Angry-buddha-88 AatR Alternate Costume: Beach Fun Phi :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 23 17 Guilded Age Guest Comic Part Deux by Angry-buddha-88 Guilded Age Guest Comic Part Deux :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 4 0 Tigerflies by Angry-buddha-88 Tigerflies :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 4 6 AATR NC: Pages 43-45 by Angry-buddha-88 AATR NC: Pages 43-45 :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 0 10 AATR NC: Pages 40-42 by Angry-buddha-88 AATR NC: Pages 40-42 :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 0 10 AATR NC: Pages 37-39 by Angry-buddha-88 AATR NC: Pages 37-39 :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 0 4 AATR NC: Pages 34-36 by Angry-buddha-88 AATR NC: Pages 34-36 :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 1 11 AATR NC: Pages 31-33 by Angry-buddha-88 AATR NC: Pages 31-33 :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 0 5 AATR NC: Pages 28-30 by Angry-buddha-88 AATR NC: Pages 28-30 :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 0 4 AATR NC: Pages 25-27 by Angry-buddha-88 AATR NC: Pages 25-27 :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 0 11 AATR NC: Pages 22-24 by Angry-buddha-88 AATR NC: Pages 22-24 :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 1 10
oh god bodies aren't supposed to do that
iTevs: don't drink anymore D:
shush. she probably will return drunk too
They don't exist.
like australians
they dont really exist
shit bro
this is like watching a train wreck in slow motion
i feel like the universe gets smaller
scratch that
Drunk-tevys is the new drunk-buddha.
then it was drunk-dead
now it's drunk-tevys
oh god this is going to be a horrible first impression
no shut up
im not drunk
Angry-buddha-88: make him dance or something I came here to be entertained
Tevys: dude
Tevys: drink more
Tevys: you can still type
iTevs: yes you are
Tevys: you are not drunk enough
kevn yhoy are not my dad
iTevs: who is kevn
i am kevin
but i know not of this kevn
He could be.
You never know.
Tofubeast: two questions: 1) Who are you? 2) Are you actually made of tofu?
tofu is grs
wait i know you
Tofubeast: Weren't you a Desire judge or something?
you were once part of
octss rso something
i remember your weird phantom littl
:iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 4 8
Alerane - The EH-Team by Angry-buddha-88 Alerane - The EH-Team :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 3 10 Question Eight by Angry-buddha-88 Question Eight :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 7 17 AATR Audition Cover Page by Angry-buddha-88 AATR Audition Cover Page :iconangry-buddha-88:Angry-buddha-88 12 11

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Narwhals by Wonchop Narwhals :iconwonchop:Wonchop 889 247 ALL ABOARDSH by mippins ALL ABOARDSH :iconmippins:mippins 4 41 KyuunaruSaku - fight by askerian KyuunaruSaku - fight :iconaskerian:askerian 1,582 257
Desire: Round Four
Opponent: Mistress Thirteen
The climb up didn't hang in Peter's gut as had the climb down. Surely, the distance couldn't have been any different than the horror of crawling inch by inch deeper into the well. Then again, this was up. Further away from that hellish dungeon. Uplifting; everything felt buoyant. Moll's unwavering optimism had been a necessary bump to his system. Like flushing out a tired hard drive, stripping and replacing copper wires until the screen buzzed back to life.
The ladder ended only feet above him, and staring straight up through the open hole, Peter could discern a stone ceiling in flickering firelight. A quick spasm of terror jolted through to numb his fingertips at even the thought of facing another fire-weilder and he stayed tucked inside the hole for a good three minutes in silence, clinging like a leech to the ladder. He listened for footsteps, signs of life. Unconvinced, Peter slung up another hand and pulled his head up sl
:iconfancylances:fancylances 4 17
AIR GUITAR WHAAAT by mippins AIR GUITAR WHAAAT :iconmippins:mippins 1 5
April Fools Day (Returns)
Some ideas for a mischievious day...
> Post on your friends DA pages 'omg congrats on the DD!'. They will definately spend time looking through all their things to work out what the hell you are talking about.
> Use the mudkips avatar
> Convert your entire journal text into Russian and tell people somethings wrong with the font you are using.
> Make a list of all of your DA friends. Then remove them all til tomorrow and tell them you cannot associate with fascists any more.
> Post something in the artistic nude section that ISNT porn. It'll confuse the hell out of most people.
> Thank people for faves they haven't given you. [random deviant button!]
> Play the opposites game. Using :( for :) and vice versa.
> Ask a few of your friends what the 'tick' or the 'hat' by their name means, and did they get promoted?
> Post on someones page (preferably BeccaJS) that you are their biggest fan and you have seen them in all of their movies.
> If you have less than 1000 page views post
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 543 366
Turtle Destruction Wave by Quirkilicious Turtle Destruction Wave :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 3,103 292 Watchmen by Gama-Kaeru Watchmen :icongama-kaeru:Gama-Kaeru 31 40 Simba and Nala by Kamirah Simba and Nala :iconkamirah:Kamirah 7,059 487 FireFox by Ash-Dragon-wolf FireFox :iconash-dragon-wolf:Ash-Dragon-wolf 723 57 Rorschach half mask by sullen-skrewt Rorschach half mask :iconsullen-skrewt:sullen-skrewt 2,705 456 Chibi Dr House by SiliceB Chibi Dr House :iconsiliceb:SiliceB 822 307 Grammar Natzee by dinyctis Grammar Natzee :icondinyctis:dinyctis 9,379 2,754 Naruto + Death Note CrackComic by MSkyDragons Naruto + Death Note CrackComic :iconmskydragons:MSkyDragons 13,735 1,805




I like my collars popped.

Current Residence: Adelaide, South Australia
Favourite genre of music: rock, alternative
Favourite photographer: Anyone who can make me look pretteh. Come on, i dare ya.
Favourite style of art: anything original and interesting
Operating System: New last year, therefore, junk
MP3 player of choice: iPov
Skin of choice: eh, mine... -PUT THE LOTION IN THE BAAAAASKET!
Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric, Souske Sagara, L
Hi there. I am breaking my long-time accidental journal hiatus to bring you wonderful news.

:iconpatronoct:, a writers' OCT for writers hosted by the fanciest of lances, madam fancylances, is a thing, and you should join that thing.

Do you like superheroes? Of course you do. You're on the internet. Everyone likes superheroes on the internet.

Do you like words? I'll bet you do. You're reading them right the fuck now.

Do you like defeating your foes and rivals in literary combat with words and a superhero of your own creation? "MY VERY OWN SUPERHERO, OH GOLLY!" I hear you say? Yes, golly indeed. They can totally be anything. Your superhero's power could even be kittens. I know mine would be, if I could join.

But alas, I cannot, for I am judging all up in this sexy beast of a competition, which brings me to our final sales pitch. Do you like fair, balanced, thoughtful, experienced judging in your online competitions? Aww yiss, we have it all, folks.

Come one, come all, to the Patron OCT, where your superhero competes to be the Official Patron Superhero of Diesel City.

For more information, visit PatronOCT, or visit the chatroom at…
  • Listening to: My housemates as they play their games
  • Reading: A Brief History of Tractors in Ukrainian
  • Drinking: H20



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