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:Commission: Listen to this idea Sockhead!

Commission for Veggiebad ! Featuring some familiar looking characters Ed, Edd and Eddy- which the commissioner designed the experiment forms himself!
Ed Edd N Eddy by Veggiebad
I loved drawing these guys!
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okay this is absolutely stunning! Creative and fun :))

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Aw cute! The Ed Boys look cute as experiments. Eddy's design is perfectly on point, in my opinion. He's such a cheeky little imp and this design reflects that well. :D

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I absolutely love the ed boys! Thank you so much for drawing them! x3

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No problem Veggie!! Thank you so much for commissioning me to draw these boys!

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omggggg yesss my childhood <3

AngoraRam's avatar

Yyeeesss!! Same!

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Where's the jawbreaker?

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That's what they're planning on getting! >:]

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ED EDD N EDDY as experiments? Now I've seen everything X3

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I do believe this is the definition of "blursed"

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Not quite blessed, not quite cursed- yeah I see that jsbskd

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Hah, the Eddy experiment has a devil/demon tail... how fitting- XD

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XD It really suits him!

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